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The List

An evil corporation kidnaps Santa!

Price: $14.00

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Check out a free preview here. (336KB pdf)


"Knowledge is power," as the old saying goes, and who has more knowledge than jolly ole Saint Nick? He knows! He knows who’s naughty and he knows who’s nice. He knows...He has a list. Imagine the people who’d want to get their hands on such a list!...

Such are but a few of the questions posed in The List: the newest illustrated novel by award-winning writer/artist Rich Koslowski (Three Fingers; The King; The 3 Geeks). The List takes "fairytale" characters from our fondest, most innocent childhood memories and smacks them right in the face with a harsh dose of “real-world” reality. But The List is no fairytale––it is an all-too-real take on what would really happen in a world with Santa Claus: how the greedy, power-hungry, “people in power” would stop at nothing to topple the benevolent Santa Claus and take control of the money-making machine that is Christmas. But they don’t do it alone...there is a mysterious figure from Santa’s past that helps them...someone that the world, and Santa himself, has all but forgotten!

Koslowski takes them––all of our fondest childhood memories––tears them apart, and puts them back together again in today's landscape of corporate greed and government corruption...Of course when you tear a character apart a few drops of blood are bound to be spilled.

THE LIST is a 164 page Illustrated Novel featuring 7 beautiful full-color paintings and 33 dazzling B&W ink-wash illustrations!
Retail price: $15.95 Website special price $14.00!!!

If anything, Koslowski knows how to entertain a reader, and this little Christmas cookie goes down smooth.
Marc Mason
Comics Waiting Room

...the art that accompanies the text is so good as to make the text, which is delightful, worth the time to invest...I promise readers that this is as good or better than if it were a comic or novel, rather than the hybrid result.
Alex Ness
Pop Thought, Land Of Frost Reviews

Your local comic shop can order copies of THE LIST through Diamond Distributors in July 2007.

And remember kids, THE LIST is also available directly from this site as well.

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All books ordered through will be autographed by the creator, Rich Koslowski. Shipping is included FREE on all orders through this site that are over $10 and are shipped to a US address.

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