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Three's a good number!

As many of you may have noticed, I have a certain fondness for the number 3. I do not know why so don't even ask. BUT! It will all be explained (I think) in a new series I have planned for 2008. Why wait until 2008, you ask? Well, because I have 3 new graphic novels planned ahead of the new series for 2007! Yes, that's right...3 new graphic novels. Yes, 3. One will be a new 3 Geeks book (another 3) celebrating their 10th anniversary! Woo-hoo!!! One will be my illustrated novel, The List, which is, essentially, completed and slated for a big summer release. And the 3rd book I have planned for 2007 is an autobiographical book I've wanted to do for a long time. I, tentatively, have that book entitled, Masterpiece: An Artist's Journey. So, 2007 is looking to be a big year with a lot of 3s. There is also the possibility of a HUGE announcement coming very, very soon regarding the 3 Geeks that might also impact 2007. I will, of course, keep you all posted.

In other news and reviews... I finally had a chance to ctach up on my reading since returning from the SPX out in Bethesda, MD. I picked up quite a few new goodies there including a couple of real gems by Guy Delisle. He's a Quebec City cat who now resides in France. He works as an animation supervisor who is frequently sent to foreign lands to oversee the production on his employers (located in France) animated tv series. The lands he has been sent to include North Korea and China. I picked up two hardcovers about these travels. In the first book he details his few months spent in North Korea entitled "Pyongyang, A Journey In North Korea". To say that he's a "fish out of water" would be a massive understatement. This book is absolutely riveting! Especially considering the recent troubles we're all witnessing unfold in North Korea these days. Guy's first-hand accounts and observations he writes about show the complete absurdity of this nation and its backwards ways. The paranoia, propoganda and palpable fear is ever-present and Guy's, seemingly, "go with the flow" attitude is a wonder to behold. the way he plays with his "guides" and interpretors (really spies making sure he doesn't do anything untoward like photograph any trash. Seriously) by asking questions and often responding to their attempts to sway his beliefs with sarcasm is often laugh-out-loud hilarious. the reactions by his guides is priceless...their expressions rarely changing... Unflappable in their attitudes of the West. His tour of the Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il museums sums up this country's attitudes in a nutshell. Keyword "nut" in that last sentence. These people are completely insane...brainwashed beyond all hope. It seems impossible and yet, if we are to believe what Mr Delisle writes (and I for one do), the evidence he presents in this fascinating book leads us to no other possible conclusion. These people are nuts. His follow-up book, "Shenzhen, A Travelogue From China", pertains to his stay as an animation supervisor in neighboring China. Almost equally as fascinating but since China is not quite as screwed up as North Korea not quite. It's still a riveting and oft-times hilarious read, however. His interactions with the chinese people and their attempts to communicate had me laughing out loud. the meals he ate (with apparently no fear) are worth the cover price alone. The books are utterly engrossing, the art is fantastic, and I am now a devoted fan of any and all things Guy Delisle.

In other news... Some of you remember, and have been asking about, the article I wrtote a few weeks back in my friend Wayne's column about a mysterious mole I had removed from my chin. Well, the biopsy came back positive for "Basel-cell cancer". Not sure if I spelled that right. Anyways, it's a skin cancer but, apparently, a very docile one and very manageable. I'm told I have very little to worry about. And yet, I still worry. I'll be researching the heck out of this and getting more answers when I go back for a full-body exam in a few weeks. So, if anyone out there has any info for me I'd certainly appreciate it. Thanks.

Well, I'm off now to take my daughter to her 4K costume party. She's dressing as Rapunzel and her costume is pure laughter. These are the moments, my friends. I have learned to cherish them. Life is short. Word! R

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