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My First Time!

I'm so nervous...This is my first time you know so I think I'm entitled. I'm losing my "Blog Cherry" today (nervous giggles inserted here)! This is my first Blog on my first website and I'm so excited. I hope I'm "up" for the task. Alright enough of the innuendos. I'm a smart cat and I get paid to write so this is a piece o' cake, man. But, honestly, I am a little nervous. This is a big deal. My first website! I hope you're all impressed because I sure am. Mike Rende is the talented chap who designed the site, put it all together, and patiently fielded the thousands of questions I had for him. For, although I am not a Luddite, I know virtually nothing about computers, websites, the internet or this newfangled device called the television set. So, thank you Mike, and if any of you out there need a website designed I can highly recommend Mike's services. Check him out at

So what's the dilly? you might be asking yourselves right now. What's Rich gonna have on his website makes it so special? Fair questions. Well, in my most humble opinion this is flat-out going to be the best website in the universe. Yes, it is true. I guarantee it. At the very least in the greater Shorewood, WI area. No doubt. At the very, very least the best website coming out of this household! GUARANTEED! On this website and in this blog you will be delighted and titillated with insights about today's pop culture, comics, movies etc. And I will also be filling you in on the many and varied things that I find interesting, disturbing, perplexing or arousing. And YES I will be providing these insights to you free of charge! Why? you are most likely asking yourselves...Why would he do this all for free? Because I am a super-nice guy. That's my super-power...Super-Niceness. What can I say, it's so true. So, please check in here at Geek Central once in awhile. I'll have lots of insights and advice. Gossip on fellow comic book people! Great deals on original art and back issues for sale. Announcements about upcoming shows I'll be attending like the SPX in Bethesda, MD October 13&14th. And announcements about my upcoming projects.

Let me tell you, this website is being launched now because 2007 is going to be a huge year for me and 3 Finger Prints. I'll be celebrating the 3 Geeks 10th anniversary in 2007 with an all-new 3 Geeks Graphic Novel that is going to be fantastic! I also have an illustrated novel in the can and am planning a summer release of that book--Its title is The List. And I'll be following that up with another graphic novel of an autobiographical nature about my personal journey as an artist. That one is tentatively titled, Masterpiece: An Artist's Journey.

OH! And I almost forgot about 2006! In addition to this website being officially launched I've got my latest 3 Geeks full-color, mini-comic, "Jim's Jerky" currently solicited in this month's (October) Previews catalogue for December shipping! If you haven't seen "Jim's Jerky" yet go find a copy. And if your local retailer doesn't carry it or the 3 Geeks you can order directly through this website after the very stern chastising you give your obviously impaired retailer friend.

So, the cherry's been burst. I feel so alive! And so tired. What's that all about? I need to lie down.

Until next week! Word! R

wayne t. beamer's Gravatar Hey Rich,

Does this mean no more rants from you on your first home, ILLUSTRATED FICTION?

Sniff... sniff... sniff...

# Posted By wayne t. beamer | 10/9/06 1:47 PM
Steve Woolf's Gravatar Wow, welcome to the Blogosphere, Rich! I'm subscribed. :)
# Posted By Steve Woolf | 10/9/06 1:59 PM
Matt's Gravatar Rich,
GREAT to see you finally have a website worthy of your genious!
Suggestion - how about a page with fan submissions of art that you've done for them at shows?
I know I've got some pieces that deserve to be shown off (although I'm NOT selling)

Hope you keep up with the blog!
# Posted By Matt | 10/9/06 3:31 PM
mario's Gravatar Rich,

Jim's Jerky is mispriced for retailer order. Retailers are telling me it is listed as $40. Help them!
# Posted By mario | 10/16/06 8:41 AM
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