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Happy Birthday To Me!

Yes, kids, today is, perhaps, our most cherished of birthday. You're welcome. I celebrate today by just being me. It's a glorious thing being me. You know, my mother is concerned about my afterlife...she's big on religion and I was raised in a Lutheran household--went to church every Sunday, was confirmed, married in the Catholic church (my wife was raised catholic)--but these days don't find myself prescribing to any organized religions. It's just a personal thing. If you're a religious person and your religion brings you peace and comfort I am sincerely happy for long as you're not bringing any personal Jihad down on any others. To each his own as long as there's not violence behind it. Peace out, man. Make love, not war. Even if you're just making love with yourself. So, anyways, back to my mom and her concern regarding my soul and its well-being. After years of badgering me about it, and my pointing out, repeatedly, that I am more "Christian" than 80% of practicing Christians without going to church-- and pointing out my personal problems with organized religions (of which I won't detail here)--I pointed out the one reason she should not worry about me at all. The big one! The reason I have a one-way ticket, straight shot right up to the pearly gates and a guaranteed seat right next to the All-Mighty (And I was shocked that she hadn't recognized this one little factoid)...I was born on November 1st, mom! Not on October 31st, the evil day!...But Novemebr 1st! Come on people! Any good catholics out there should know what that day is, right?! ALL SAINTS DAY! Straight. Shot. To. Heaven! I am all set. So, if any of you out there are concerned, fret not, I'm good. Although if you are reading this I can assume that you are already believers in the Church of Rich Koslowski and had no concerns whatsoever regarding my soul. I am "preaching to the choir" as they say (insert chuckle here).

So, my daughter, Stella, made me a great card for my birthday and then proceeded to tell me that she had a great idea what to get me for my birthday. She was extremely excited, by the way. I asked what, excited myself, and for her since she was obviously so excited. She told me she wanted to take me to Target and get me a Barbie Princess movie! She loves the Barbie CGI movies (they are pretty good for young ones). So, I smiled big and let her know that I thought that was a fantastic idea. We just got back from the store...I got 2 Barbie movies. YES! I also picked up the new Bob Dylan, Modern Times cd which is absolutely phenomenal, and the new BECK cd which I am listening to as I write this. I love Beck and this one sounds like a winner so far. Stella didn't seem to care that I was getting the cds.

On a different note...I will be doing a store signing this Friday night 5-9 at Kowabunga Comics in Oconomowoc, WI if you're in the area. And if you're not, well, then you should seriously consider flying in. It's a great shop located in one of Wiscoonsin's most beautiful settings. And I'll be there. 'Nuff said!

On another different different note...The French edition of The King is due out this month overseas! Very excited about that! So if you're fluent in french check it out. Also! The 3 Geeks, Jim's Jerky will be out soon. If you missed ordering it in the Previews catalogue ask your might not be too late. Or it is available here on the site.

One last thing for today as I plan on chillin' for the bulk of this blessed of days. As it is my birthday and this makes me feel in a generous state of mind (and the knowledge that my soul is all good and all) I will be offering a one week long deal on any orders received on the website. I'm doing a "buy one, get one free deal!" Buy any item and receive an item of equal or lesser value for FREE!! And if you buy two items you get two freebees, three items three free, and so forth and so on. Rock on, right?! This includes original art, shirts, books, whatever. Am I a cool dude, or what? I might even be inclined to throw in a free sketch if your order is a big one. Cuz i am just that cool. AND since I am that cool I am going to go ahead and extend this one week sale to ten days. So, let's say the sale goes from today, November 1st through November 11th just to be fair. Send me your orders and we'll figure it out.

Well, that's it for this blessed of days. Go pray to me at the shrines I am sure exist in your homes. I will be hitting the hardcourt tonight for the first time this year and, yes, I will be wearing my protective eyewear (reference to basketball and an eye injury I suffered a couple years back in case you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about). Word! R

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