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Viva La King!

Bon Jour! Or however you say greetings in french! I am extremely excited about the fact that my graphic novel, THE KING, is now available in France! From what I understand the french edition has been released and is on the racks as I write this. I'm very proud as this is my first foreign edition of the two Top Shelf books I've done. I had a german edition published of my HOW TO PICK UP GIRLS IF YOU'RE A COMIC BOOK GEEK some years back but it has been quite some time. So, if you're from France or plan on being there soon, or have internet, get your copy now!

My thanks go out to my hairy buddy, Wayne Beamer (I'll tell you all the story of my briading Wayne's back hair at the last convention in an upcoming column), this week, as I have to believe that all the "Shilling" (as he called it) of my newest 3 Geeks comic, "Jim's Jerky", that I shamelessly did on his website the last couple months, has led to some pretty unbelievable sales. I just got my Diamond orders in and had to take a breath as it felt like someone punched me in the belly. I had hoped to sell at least 1,000 of the 4,000 units I had printed. Never figured I'd need more than 4,000. Even taking into account that I'd be selling "Jim's Jerky" as a 20 count P.O.P. (point of purchase) box for countertops. Well...I was wrong for the first time in my life. 6,000!!!! Six friggin' thousand copies sold!!!! So, although I am extremely excited about selling so many of these comics/jerky combos I now find myself having to order 4,000 more comics, a boatload of beef jerky, a ton of boxes, labels up the wazoo, those kooky little glue dots and a zillion of the little bags that I have to individually stuff the little jerky pieces into! When Sandy and I put together 300 units before Comic-Con it took us about a half a day TOGETHER! We now face the proposition of putting together SIX THOUSAND of these! And I can't be handling all that delicious beef jerky without frequently downing a chunk. I'm gonna be full of delicious meat.

So, thanks to Wayne and all of you who ordered "Jim's Jerky!" It'll be in the stores in December.

Did you ever laugh so hard you got a headache? Yeah, sure, many times. Did you ever laugh so hard you still had the headache the following day?! I did last week. BORAT! This guy has got stones. I can't believe he hasn't been killed by an angry mob yet.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Borat phenomenon, Borat is one of the many characters created by Sacha Baron Cohen, a comical genius who has taken the "Candid Camera" concept to the Nth degree of hilarious awkwardness! It's Candid Camera for the new millennium, full of outrageous situations where Cohen somehow manages to bring out the worst of people's prejudices, ignorances, or just flat out puts people in the most impossibly embarrassing situations you can imagine. As the character "Borat," Cohen poses as a documentary filmmaker from the backwards country of Khazakstan. He plays the ignorant 3rd-worlder perfectly, displaying pitiful naivete, outdated sexist attitudes, hilarious and often inappropriate butchering of the English language, and public displays which would get a person thrown into jail here but are seemingly commonplace where Borat hails from. All of which are, usually, awkwardly excused by the people he's playing the prank on because they assume he just doesn't know any better.


Sometimes he takes it too far, however, and things get out of control. People lash out at him and in some cases have no choice but to subdue poor, pitiful Borat with force. Example: Borat's attempt to wed his beloved Pamela (emphasis on the middle syllable, Pa•MEL•a) Anderson by force! I have to believe that if anyone was in on any of the pranks played in this film it would have had to be Ms. Anderson. If she WASN'T?!... WOW!!!...Then this guy doesn't just have "stones" he has "Super-Stones." And, quite possibly, a deathwish!

For more Borat tune into DA ALI G SHOW on HBO, which is, in my humble opinion, even funnier than the movie. Here Cohen features three different characters, the dolt of a wannabe white gangsta hip-hopper, the uber-gay german tv host, and the beloved Borat. The show is tighter than the movie as it moves along in shorter segments.

So, yes, the HBO version is slightly better, but the scene in the movie of Borat and his producer wrestling was worth the price of admission alone...And the scene which caused my two-day headache.

Word! R

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