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Election Over!

Well, I don't know about the rest of you--your political views and affiliations and such--whether you're happy with the results of yesterday's elections, or not, but me?...I'm just happy it's over! At the end I really found myself not caring who the hell won, or not, I just wanted the endless deluge of television ads, countless phonecalls and the extremely annoying "pop ins" at my front door to end! I was so jaded and fed up that I blasted some poor old lady at my door Tuesday morning. Before she could even open her mouth I asked, "Is this a political thing?", to which she barely managed a feeble nod in acknowledgement before I proceeded to tell her, "We've had enough...we're done...the tv ads, phonecalls, doorbell ringing!...ENOUGH." She just winced and raised her eyebrows. I felt a twinge of sorrow for blasting her and added, "Look, we're going to vote, alright...we're just sick of all of this." To which she gladly pounced, smiling, sensing my weakness, "Well, that's why we're out, just to make sure that you vote and..." to which I regretted my giving her this opening and proceeded to shut the door on her diatribe.

I also let some knucklehead on the phone have it last night...I believe his name was Darrin...I picked up, fully knowing it was yet another political do-gooder and primed to attack. Darrin introduced himself and then reminded me kindly that today was voting day. I said to the kindly Darrin with as much sarcasm as I could muster, "Really, Darrin?!...and you don't think I've been able to figure that out by now what with the thousands of tv ads, countless phonecalls and obnoxious visits to my home?" To which he gave a polite, sympathetic, chuckle and said 'He knew.' But still went on even after my sarcastic response telling me the importance of today's vote and all (they simply do not care if they are being patronized...nothing will deter them) and then I cut Darrin off just like the little old lady and told him that I already voted, he could give it a rest, and hung up.

Is this how it's going to be every election now? Each election I think it can't get any worse than the one before and then it does!

I am going to start something now, folks, and I need your help. We need to start counting. Start counting who calls more and pops in more and advertises more and then vote for the other guy or other party! I did not count who was worse this past weekend and I suspect it was pretty close (although the "pop ins" category was definitely dominated by the Democrats), but next time I'm counting! And I'm going to tell each person what I am doing. If we all do this we can end this annoying deluge of propoganda, but we must stand united!!! 'Nuff said on that subject.

You know what I found the most upsetting today? nothing having to do with the aforementioned election, no. This is something far more upsetting to me and probably to the very fabric of our reality. In case you haven't heard the news (and if you didn't you are either living in a cave or have no soul) Brittany Spears has filed for divorce from Kevin Federloser. If true love like theirs cannot survive in this universe what hope do any of us have? (insert slobbering sobs and sniffles here) I really thought these kids were special...were real, man.

I'm wondering if the review in this week's Entertainment Weekly of poor Kev's new cd had anything to do with it? They gave his effort an "F" in case you didn't know. I was shocked. I didn't get a wink of sleep last night. BTW if you go back to the previous installment of EW you can read the brilliant interview with Kev in their "20 Questions" feature. This kid is just misunderstood, man! Sure he comes across as a complete idiot. Yes. It is true. But I think that his pure idiocy is a form of rare genius. Yes I truly do.

He's so cool.

So, alas, I am devestated by the real news of today. Who cares about who's running our country when Brittany and Kevin are over. They're's over (insert more sniffles and sobs here, but softer now...more resigned).

In comics news!...

I've been reading REX MUNDI for the first time and am really digging it. It was recommended by Neil over at Kowabunga Comics in the lovely Oconomowoc WI. He also plugged THE WALKING DEAD of which I'd already heard many good things but had not yet picked up. Well, I did and I dig. I groove on a good zombie story as much as the next guy and this is good zombie fun! Great art, too! What they're doing with black and white art is astounding. I think the popularity of the zombie genre (when done right, of course) is the bleak feeling it has. That sense of utter hopelessness. We can all feel the situation. It's relatable. So dig it, man. I look forward to buying more trades.

The last issue of PLANETARY was the usual coolness. Finally ended a very crucial story arc.

Also picked up the new MIDNIGHTER and latest AUTHORITY issues. Too early to say on either of these but what struck me most was the way the blurred a lot of Gene Ha's art. I didn't dig the effect. And I think Gene is one of the top ten (no pun...well, yes, pun intended) artists in the biz today! I don't know if it was his decision to experiment, or someone elses, but it takes away from his beautiful work. Me no likey.

That's enough for today. I just ended a gig inking Care Bear pics for a Care Bear Giant Coloring Book and am fairly pooped out. It was a great gig, and paid well, but we were under the gun on this job and had a tight deadline. I know many of you reading this right now are furrowing your brows and saying, "Who the hell cares about his Care Bear gig?!" But soooo many more of you out there DO CARE, alright?! And I care! And the kids care! Hey...that was a lot of usage of the word "care". Isn't that cool? I was talking about the "Care" Bears and then I started talking about people "caring"! It's really kind of cosmic in a way. Wow.

Take care (hey there it is again! Holy shit!), R

Neil's Gravatar Hey Rich! Glad you like the books! I totally agree with all the calls and ads. It was Republicanpalooza out here. Thank god it's over!
# Posted By Neil | 11/9/06 8:53 AM
heath's Gravatar Late posting here, Rich, but I was done with the election, too. The ads annoy me since it's mostly opinion articles they're quoting and people take it as fact. I just wanted to get back to normal, but at least when I voted, I wasn't harrassed by a zombie. That sucked in 2004!
# Posted By heath | 12/8/06 2:18 PM
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