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As some of you may know I am a big baseball fan. Love it! But am I wrong or has this post season really lacked? There seems to be absolutely NO drama whatsoever! The Boston comeback against Cleveland WAS remarkable, yes, I will agree about that...but the fashion in which they did it was actually quite lacking in drama. The last 3 games were SUCH blowouts that even though they rallied to come back from being down 3 games to 1 the series ended up being a "fizzler." I fell asleep a couple times in fact.

And the Colorado Rockies were, indeed, a "Cinderella Story" leading into the WS with their 21 out of 22 games winning run but now they just simply do not look like they belong there. Maybe the 8 day layoff really made them lose their momentum. Momentum is HUGE in any sport. And Boston's comeback against the Indians, boring or not, infused them with such unbelievable momentum and confidence (just like in 2004) that they now look unbeatable.

I sense another 4 and out fizzler of a WS just like in 2004.

I like drama folks, and this WS (at least so far) is sorely lacking. sigh.



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