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The List! New Illustrated Novel set for release!

Greetings and salutations dear readers! I write this column for the second time today! The first time I was done, finished, spent a good hour on it, was proud as hell and then hit the wrong button and Ka-PLOOEY! GONE! Erased! Talk about the proverbial pisser.

So, to recap...

Been extremely ill the past 24 hours...puking my guys out, nauseous, etc. Many of you probably have caught the same bug recently and I'm sure the rest of you will soon. In fact, if you're reading this I can guarantee it as I am about to spread the virus to you...K-Fed is getting $25 million from his divorce settlement with perennial "Mother-Of-The-Year" candidate, Brittany Spears (BTW, remember when she gave that interview a few years back about how important being a mother was to her? HA!). $25 Million. And, the news today reported that he's apparently seeking even more.



Begin your vomiting now.

These are the headlines that truly convince me the end of the world is very near indeed. Forget about Al-Quaeda, we got K-Fed and Brittany. Oh god! it comes again! where's the bucket?!...ugh...

Now, onto much more important news...My new Illustrated Novel, THE LIST, is officially slated for a July 2007 release! It will be solicited in the May Previews catalogue under my 3 FINGER PRINTS banner (For whatever reason Previews has it listed as 3 FINGER PUBLICATIONS. Don't know why, don't ask.). THE LIST will be making its convention debut at this year's Comic-Con International in July as well. Be there!

Now, many of you aren't privy to the basic gist of what THE LIST is all about. This is because the details have been kept "Top Secret" as there are those scurrilous scoundrels skulking about out there that look to do nothing but prey on the ideas of others. Yes, it is true. Yes, they are bastards.

Anyhoo, here it is in a nutshell...

THE LIST is an adult look at Christmas and the question "What if all those beloved characters we all grew up watching were real? Really real?" I take these characters and do a bit of a "Rudolph" meets "Lord Of The Rings" thing. I've written an epic (I hope) tale that has those beloved characters facing the harsh reality of our world and corporate greed and governmental corruption. For, after all, if Santa and his friends were, indeed, real, can't you just imagine the people out there who'd try to horn in on the business of Christmas?! So, the battle begins...Santa and his noble friends are forced to fight for the soul of Christmas and the innocence of the children.

THE LIST will be approximately 200 pages long and include 36-40 beautiful B&W ink-washed and full-color illustrations. And I do mean beautiful, folks!

There is also the off-chance that the newest 3 GEEKS comic debuts at the same time. We're just in the process of deciding whether a double listing would behoove us as small publishers or if we'd be better served spreading the listings apart. Don't know. Never done it before. Help.

We will, of course, keep you all posted.



P.S. A special "best wishes" to friend and fellow comic book geek, Sean Scott, over at Mile High Comics. Sean's been battling cancer this past year. It has been my privilege to have gotten to know Sean and the entire Mile High gang but Sean is special. He's one of those guys who always has a smile on his face and a few clever witticisms to boot. Even now, faced with this terrible illness, all he had to say when we spoke yesterday was positive things. The world, and the comics biz, needs more Sean Scotts. "Courage" barely begins to describe Sean's character.

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