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Greetings all! I write to you today from my humble abode nestled here on the windy shores of the beautiful Lake Michigan. The sun is shining and the weather' sucks, quite frankly. But my outlook is positive today! And here is why...

In late 2005 I had a premonition...hopefully an "epiphany"...time will tell. But my premonition way back then was that in 2007 great things would happen for me and my little family of three (as some of you know 3 is my special number). Now, I lent a bit more credence to this premonition because I didn't feel 2006 was going to be, I skipped ahead an entire year. So, I wasn't just being an optimist saying the usual, "Next year will be OUR year!" thing...I was projecting an entire year-and-a-half ahead. And in retrospect it appears that skipping ahead a year was a good thing, because "career-wise" nothing much happened for us in 2006.

So, here we are in 2007. AND it appears that some big things are, in fact, on the horizon. In addition to the BIG news a couple weeks back about the upcoming 3 GEEKS Movie (still tickled pink over that one) I have my new Illustrated Novel, THE LIST, coming out in July. THE LIST will be solicited in the MAY Previews catalogue, so make sure and look for it there under my 3 FINGER PRINTS banner. I tell you, I've been working so hard on this latest book making sure that everything is done just right. Me and good pal, Max Estes, have been assembling the book the past few Saturdays and I can't tell you how excited I am seeing the book come together the way it has. It's looking fantastic! Everything's set to go with the distributor, my printer, convention schedule...everything. I have dotted my "Is" and crossed my "Ts" so many times on this one there just cannot be any problems. I know, I know...there will be something. Hopefully it's something minor.

Keep your eyes peeled for a special "preview" of THE LIST right here on this very website. I'll be posting a short "teaser" here and I'm also going to be making that available to a few websites like,;; Newsarama; Comic Book Resources; and hopefully a few more! I'm currently working on a promotional attack including a very cool postcard that I'll be sending out to a slew of comic book stores.

SO! That's another BIG thing in store for 2007!

Additionally, I am on the precipice of signing on to do two major graphic novels with two seperate publishers. Don't want to––and never try to––count my chickens before they're hatched but at least one, if not both, of these deals looks very, very solid. If the one happens it is going to be "through the roof" HUGE! It's a project I've been after the writer of the story (true story) to do for years! If this project happens it will make my premonition in 2005 come to fruition, even IF the 3 GEEKS Movie and my book THE LIST weren't to have also happened. I'm truly sorry I can't elaborate more on this project as it isn't quite "official" yet. Stay tuned.

SO! 2007 is, indeed, shaping up to be a potentially great year career-wise for me. I certainly hope would be nice to pay off some bills. Lately we've been a slave to our bills (Lately?! the past 10 years!) and it's getting pretty old. I'm funny that way...don't dig being in debt all that much. Lately, I must confess, the strain of our finances has been weighing heavily on me and the stress they've incurred has been mounting. 2007 HAS to be a big year. Ther's really no there still "Debtor's prison"?


Just a couple quick reviews for those interested in my brilliant opinions...

ROME on HBO. Man, if you've missed this series I pity you. I know HBO is more well-known for their shows THE SOPRANOS and CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM but ROME has been their best these past few years with The Sopranos running out of steam. DEADWOOD has also been fantastic but Rome's been our favorite. An absolutely riveting series on the rise and fall of Julius Caeser and the other prominent figures of that time...most specifiaclly Marc Antony, who is portrayed brilliantly by actor James Purefoy. They blend historical fact with a good dose of a few fictional characters that add a great deal of fun to the show. Most notably the two characters Titus Pullo, played by Ray Stevenson, and his "brother-in-arms" Lucius Vorenus played by Kevin McKidd. These two characters are the "heart" of the series showing the life of the soldier/slave during those times. They live very rough lives but do so with great honor and bravery (there a roman era version of Klingons).

ROME (and DEADWOOD for that matter) is the best thing on television right now and, sadly, there are only two episodes left. The show has been cancelled after this year because the enormous production costs just can't justify the 7-8 million people per week watching. Sad that even 8 million viewers aren't enough. BUT! The show coming to an end earlier than they had expected has actually had a positive effect in that the creators have had to really focus the storylines resulting in the tightest, most riveting episodes of any show I've ever seen. So, maybe ending after two seasons isn't the worst thing in the world. At least it was 2 seasons of brilliance. Not a show that goes on too long only to peter out towards the end and fade away into oblivion.

When this series comes out on DVD rent it! Better yet, BUY IT! You will not regret it.



Adam's Gravatar So secretive...can't wait to hear some details. Glad all is well. I hear you on the stress of bills...its killing me.
# Posted By Adam | 3/22/07 9:30 AM
heath's Gravatar I hear ya, Rich. I predicted 1997 would be a good year two years prior, and I was right. (It just took most of the year before it happened--the start of a 7 year career in TV and some good filmmaking opportunities.) I believe 2007 will be great for all of us, though like 1997, for me it's gotten off to a slower start. ;-) Except, of course, for The 3 Geeks movie announcment!!! Busy with that and wrapping up 9:04 AM, my latest film, for release in April.
# Posted By heath | 3/24/07 1:17 PM
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