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VIVA LA DUTCH (and the Germans, too!)!

Greetings once again true believers!

This week brings good tidings from Geeksville! Last week I prognosticated about a productive 2007 and since then a couple very nice little things have occured. First, I was (surprisingly) sent a contract by Pub Chris Staros (Top Shelf) for a Dutch edition of my graphic novel, THE KING! This was completely out of left field. And then it occured to me that I remembered seeing articles on the internet last spring about a Dutch version of The King. I remember finding this on the internet last year, inquiring with Chris if it were true, him saying, "Yep, it's true, just waiting for them to sign the contracts", and then never hearing anymore. I had simply thought the deal died. So was this the saem Dutch pub, I wondered? I asked Chris again after receiving the aforementioned contract last week. He said, "Yep, it's the same pub...they just kind of disappeared for a year and now they're back." Huh? I thought. Kind of strange. But, hey, very cool however you slice it! I'm going to have one of my books printed in friggin' Dutch!

Okay, so then a few days pass. Literally just a few (Oh, and I should note that the day the Dutch contract came I was working with good pal, Max Estes, on finishing my new book The List ), and Chris write me that a German publisher wants to do a German edition of THE KING! What the...?! Totally friggin' cool! Needless to say I am elated. My parents are from Germany, I have a lot of relatives still over there and this is gonna make me look like a superstar to them (heh heh!), AND I'm gonna have a friggin' book published in GERMAN!!! I'm not bragging here so don't interpret this in the wrong way at all...after toiling for so many years it is moments like these that "validate" an artist's career. Usually there isn't a whole heck of a lot of money involved in these deals (unless the book sells exceedingly well). It's much more of a "feather in the cap" kind of deal. This is a prestige thing all the way. And you know what? I am totally cool with that.

For now anyways. I'm not going to lie...I want money. And I want it soon. Very soon would be nice, in fact.

But anyways, back to these foreign editions. I wondered why the sudden interest in a book I did 2 years ago? And then it occured to me!...I am great! And I deserve it!...No that's not it, I was just joshin'. I mean I AM great but that's not what REALLY occured to me. What really occured to me was the old "snowball" effect. You see, in December a French Publisher released a french edition of The King. Hence, my theory is that the book has circulated a bit in Europe, perhaps generated some buzz, and the neighboring countries––specifically the neighboring publishers––have picked up on this. I hope I am right and the snowball keeps getting bigger. Sometimes in this biz that's all it publisher taking a chance and pretty soon the others take notice.

This is all fitting quite nicely in my plans of taking over the world. The pieces, as they say, are falling into place.


Read a few great book recently. Here's what I think you should be reading (so I know you're going to get up off your lazy asses and rush right out to the local bookstores, right?!)...

Rob Venditti's THE SURROGATES! Rob's a pal of mine from over at Top Shelf Productions but that doesn't influence my review...cuz if I thought his book blew I'd just say nothing at all? Alright? Okay. So, anyways, Rob (or 'Berto for those of us who have shared his bed) wrote this wonderful Sci-Fi mini-series which has recently been republished in trade paperback (TPB) form. The story is fantastic, The ar by Brett Weldele is equally fantastic and completely unlike anything else I've ever seen, and the TPB is gorgeous! I am jealous. Rob's premise is that in the future people will live there lives through Surrogates––androids that they are linked up to from the privacy of their homes that go out and do all the mundane tasks or adventures the human host doesn't want to actually physically do themselves. Through a device attached to the host's head that person can operate the android and actually physically and mentally experience what the Surrogate experiences. Sex, drugs, rock & roll...whatever! All the fun and none of the risks. The host can even (and usually does!) purchase a Surrogate that looks nothing like theior actual selves. Why not pick a YOU that looks like a fashion model? I probably would. And why not pick a Surrogate of the opposite gender? Hey, I might even try that!!! The possibilities and fantasies are endless. The world is a better, freer, safer place.

But nothing's real anymore. Is it?

Rob brilliantly shows what would happen in a world where fantasy is a reality. How people actually lose touch with themselves and the people around them by becoming overly dependent on their Surrogates. Reality is that we all get old. Rob shows us what fun it might be to live our lives through a younger, more beautiful not have to punch the clock. yep, it would be fun. A lot of fun!! But he also shows how we'd all lose a bit of ourselves along the way. And how some of us would lose themselves entirely.

The book doesn't have a happy ending (like a lot of the hosts do! Ha!) and that IS REAL.

Well done, Rob.

I am also currently reading a few books sent to me by a friend, Brad Weber. He sent me three novels by CHARLIE HOUSTON, who, I think, is currently writing Moon Knight for Marvel comics. Don't quote me on that. Anyways, the first book is entitled "Caught Stealing" and from the first page you are grabbed (violently I might add) by the throat and for whatever reason you don't want the book to let go! This is intense stuff. Violent, yes, but in a good way. I know...that doesn't sound right. I know. But, violence can be done right and it can be done very, very wrong. This is violence done right. I devoured this book and was absolutely delighted, when, upon finishing it I read the descriptions of the next two books to discover that they are SEQUELS to the first! They take the same main character and, apparently, continue to beat the living tar out of him (both physically and figuratively).

I will give a more detailed review when I finish all three. I shan't take overly long I think. Not if the greatness of the first book is any indication.


Other than that I think it's time for yet one more plug on my new book, THE LIST. It is, for all intents and purposes, completed! It will be solicited in the May Previews catalogue for July shipping. BUT! Because I love you all so much I will be posting a preview here in the very near future! Look for it. I think you will likey.



Kathryn's Gravatar Hello there --- I am desparate to find a website at which I can purchase novels published in Dutch.... I apologize to use your forum for this discussion, but your website is the only one that remotely scratches the surface of my desired search. Do you have any recommended website where they sell Dutch copies of popular classics?Congratulations, by the way - quite the accomplishment!
# Posted By Kathryn | 7/27/07 7:58 AM
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