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Yep, unbelievable as this sounds, I was wrong. Second time ever if my addition is right. I picked the Spurs in five games and they won in four. BTW I picked the Spurs when the season began as well. Here's my quick take on the NBA finals this year...Many people described the series as "boring" but I saw excellent defense. Interesting since so many people bitch that NBA players don't play defense. Then, when they do (and both teams did in this series) people say it's "boring." Sheesh!

The Spurs are the best team at adapting to their opponents particular strengths or weaknesses. They can play up tempo, half-court, whatever they need to do. Highly adaptable. They are the best at it. Best team, best coach. Yes, they are a dynasty.

So am I.

The Sopranos series finale also had many people in an uproar. And while I didn't find the last episode to be as gripping as many highlights of the series past I found the ending to be absolutely perfect for the show. Why? Because it was real. If you didn't get that ending you missed what the show was all about. It wasn't about "Who's gonna get whacked this week?!" it was about family. The whacking and gore were just very nice additions to what was basically a family show...a VERY disfunctional family dynamiic, granted, but a family show nonetheless. So showing the Soprano family together at the end like that, uncertain of the future was just fine with me. Life isn't mapped out and tidy and leaving some room for our imaginations is just fine with me.

Perhaps that's the problem, though, Hmm? I've often commented that too many people lack imagination in our society. Maybe this ending was a completely baffling thing for the unimaginative mind to handle?

God I am smart.

So, you want to hear what I think happens?...Well you're going to anyways, dammit. My blog.

Tony does not get whacked in that restaurant. Nope. They have their family dinner and life goes on. Tony gets indicted but he's got boatloads of money and a damn fine lawyer. The charges do not stick. The war with New York is quiet for a long while and everyone makes money. Sylvio eventually comes out of his coma but never the same. Brain damged, physically damaged and basically needs 24 hour care and dies a few years later from complications. A.J. is a spoiled punk who whines his way through the next 5-10 years and mom and pop enable him along the way. Meadow "sells out" and goes the high priced lawyer route further proving what a "flip-flopping" limousine liberal she is.

I think Tony dies of a good old-fashioned heart attack at about 60 years old. I mean, c'mon, look at him! He's a coronary event just begging to happen. Nothing glorious or grandiose...a heart attack whacks Tony.

And Carmella lives to be about 85 in that big old house still having sunday brunches with the remainder of the family.



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