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What the hell!?!!! I go and give my two cents on the Sopranos series finale a few days back and forget to mention, arguably, the show's most popular character, Paulie Walnuts!!! My bad. I think Paulie lives a long and miserable life. Of course all the misery he suffers is due to his own self-imposed anxieties. He's one of those guys who lives forever, bitching the whole time. He'll live to at least 93 years old. And he'll be kicking ass until he's about 86. And, oh yeah, the silver feathers will always be there on the sides of his head...the top will just slowly disappear.

And poor Uncle Junior...a once great character reduced to a sad shell of his former self. I kept hoping the senility was an act. Apparently not. Uncle Junior was always one of my top 2 favorite characters on the show. He brought levity, intensity, old-school values in kiccking ass and what an incredible actor! His fate on the show was, perhaps, the saddest of them all. It was the saddest.

THE LIST is finally here!!!

My newest book, THE LIST, is going to the printer this week and I am finally ready to take advance orders. It's been a 2 year process since I first started putting pen to paper (actually more!) on this newest book and I am so happy that it's finally seeing fruition. I'll be offering THE LIST here on the website for a special discounted price of $14.00 (regular price $15.95) and all books (as always) ordered from the website will come signed and shipping and handling is free! I'm in such a good mood that I think I'll even go ahead and draw a little sketch in all the books ordered from the website!

Gosh I'm cool.

THE LIST was solicited in the MAY PREVIEWS catalogue and will be in stores in the next few weeeks, but if you missed your chance to order there don't sweat it, man, I am here for you. That's why I've got this snazzy site. And if you are a retailer and missed your chance, well, I'm here for you as well. Retailers should contact me through the site and inquire about discounts and specials on back issues.

Well, that's it for today. A short and sweet entry. We're off to a graduation party at Big Tim's house for his daughter, Kayla (Meister). I plan on eating well more than the few bucks she's gonna get from us and bullying all the little kids in the swimming pool.



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