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I guess it’s finally official…I’m writing for Marvel Comics now!!! As someone fairly well-known over at the “House of Ideas” would say––Excelsior!

I’ve kind of kept hush-hush about all of this because I didn’t want to jinx it, but I now see that it’s been officially released in a Newsarama article ( by MCP (Marvel Comics Presents) editor John Barber. So, I fear the jinx no more (well, maybe a little). Why fear this “jinx” at all you ask? Well, I have shot my mouth off in the past about gigs at big companies only to be burned and end up making half-assed explanations to people as to why things didn’t work out. Trust me…it wasn’t my fault…some day I’m going to write my memoirs on my dealings with certain publishers and editors in this biz. Not yet, though…not yet!

Working for Marvel has always been a dream for me and I'm not shy to admit it. I've been a rabid reader since I was 5 years old! I'm 39 now, BTW. So, is this lifelong fanboy excited? You betcha. Am I worthy to tread where legends like Lee, Kirby, Buscema, Claremont, Byrne and so many more have blazed such memorable paths? Of course, I'm one helluva guy! Talented as hell too! It's true so why feign any false modesty.

Anyways, I will be debuting as an official Marvel writer on their newest incarnation of the MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS Anthology! I will be starting in the debut #1 issue that's currently being solicited in the Diamond Previews catalogue for September shipping! Go order your copies now (multiples of course!)! I'll be one of the featured writers and my run is going to encompass, at least, the first 12 issues, doing 8 page installments. Now, in the Newsarama article John was reluctant to reveal exactly what I’m writing or which character I’ll be writing about. He wasn’t being coy! At the time of his interview we really didn’t have my story nailed down yet. He hinted that there was a reason and said, “I know one thing it’s not about, and in that lies a tale that we’ll all laugh about years from now, after Rich is the wealthiest and most famous comic book writer in the world, but now’s not really the time to go into that story.” That story might also make my memoir! But as John said, we won’t talk about that yet…not yet!

SO! What is the story I’m writing?! Who the hell am I writing about?! I guess I can spill the beans now…at least I hope it’s okay. I am tackling the very enigmatic and undefined new character Michael Pointer a.k.a. The Guardian (formerly and briefly “The Collective”). Some of you may be making that puzzled “WHO?!” face right now and I don’t blame you. Pointer first appeared in the New Avengers in issue # 17 (I think) or #16 or somewhere around there. Brian Bendis created this poor bastard who was involuntarily possessed by the entity(s) known now as “The Collective,” and the very evil bastard known as Xorn! Michael Pointer is––he did not previously know this but––a mutant with the ability to absorb the powers of other mutants. In New Avengers he was used by Xorn to absorb all the powers removed from thousands of former mutants in the now famous “House Of M” storyline. So, Pointer had absorbed the powers of thousands of mutants making him one very, very powerful dude. Possessed by Xorn he obliterated Alpha Flight, killing all but Sasquatch (maybe). Later, the New Avengers managed to purge Xorn (actually Xorn did the purging really) and most of “The Collective” from Pointer’s body leaving him confused and wracked with guilt over learning how he’d been used and what he was made to do…even though it really wasn’t his fault. It also left him with some “residual power” left over from The Collective…apparently enough that he’s still pretty darned powerful.

So––and this is where it gets kind of hinky––Michael Pointer was forced to join the new Alpha Flight, now called Omega Flight to redeem himself. He is now the new “Guardian.” Project Omega has given him this newly modified Guardian suit to better help him adapt to his newfound powers. He didn’t want the gig…didn’t matter, he got it anyways.

This is where I come in. Pointer’s been thrust into the Marvel universe and then thrust into Omega Flight rather abruptly and rather quickly. John and I agreed that this character deserves to be defined a bit more. Give him some room to breathe and let the Marvel readers get a better chance to learn about this character and get to know him. Hell, he has to get to know himself.

He had a very traumatic entrance into Marvel’s universe and my take is that he’s going to have some serious trouble adjusting. In my outlines I’ve been sending to John (and this very article) I keep finding myself referring to Michael Pointer as the “poor bastard.” After reading my story about him I think you might agree. It’s pretty powerful stuff.

Please give it a try and let me know what you think. Let Marvel know what you think and send them your letters! Tell them just how lucky they are to having a phenom like me to rub shoulders with!

As that same aforementioned “Fairly well-known” guy over at Marvel would say…



Heath's Gravatar HOLY CRAP, CONGRATS! You're living the dream, Rich! Wow, I'm so pumped for you! Great work!!
# Posted By Heath | 6/29/07 8:58 PM
Mike Rende's Gravatar It's about time Marvel smartened up and began tapping the great creative well that is Rich Koslowski!!!

This is HUGE and you've worked hard to get step, your own full title!!

Marvel Comics Presents will be added to my pull list immediately!!

# Posted By Mike Rende | 6/30/07 4:34 AM
brad weber's Gravatar Fantastic news, Rich, and hardy congrats.

Finally, a reason to buy Marvel comics again.
# Posted By brad weber | 6/30/07 6:35 PM
Joe Chiappetta's Gravatar I am very happy for you Rich. I am sure you will do a great job.
# Posted By Joe Chiappetta | 7/5/07 9:06 AM
Bruce Bachelder's Gravatar Rich..... I am so excited for you!!! I will make sure that all of the patrons at Keiths Komix buy a copy! Rich, this is a great opportunity for you and the Guild is happy for you. I look forward to reading your stories. Bruce
# Posted By Bruce Bachelder | 7/13/07 3:27 PM
rplass's Gravatar Yay! You should bring back Alpha Flight in one of the story lines. Like, resurrect them or something. I'm sure you can think of a plausible way to do it, and why, well, you can make it so Pointer gets like all, obsessed with all the bad things he did when he was killing left and right, so then he goes back to the instances where he caused destruction and needs to reverse them. Now also since I am already making suggestions, you should also include plenty of Alpha Flight characters, definitely the girl Puck from volume 3. OK!!!
# Posted By rplass | 7/14/07 8:18 PM
DaVeO's Gravatar Congrats. As a fan of Omega Flight I'm looking forward to the development of this new character. Michael has a long road to travel before he receives acceptence from his teammates and Alpha Flight fans. This is the perfect forum for which to explore his character a bit more.

Most Alpha fans are upset that an American is wearing the suit of a Canadian national hero (it's like if Captain America was replaced by a Canadian or Captain Britain being French). Will this be addressed in your story?

Also I invite you to, the web's biggest and most recognised Alpha/Omega Flight fan site, we'd love to hear from you there.
# Posted By DaVeO | 7/18/07 9:43 AM
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