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The damn bathroom has become the bane of my miserable existence these past 2 weeks. What started out as a simple, "Hey, let's spruce up the bathroom, honey...shouldn't cost more than a few hundred bucks" has blossomed into a complete gut job that's gonna run an easy 2 grand! Of which I don't have. So any of you Kumbaya guitar singing hippies who think that all landlords (yes, I own a duplex) are "The Man," and are just here to take the "little guys" money, can go straight to hell!!! Most of the tenants I've had make more money than I do. Fact.

Sad fact, actually.

Moral of my story? Never buy a house that's older than ten years old. You open up a wall and you open up a can of friggin' worms. You simply want to change a faucet and you usually open up a $500 can of goddammed worms, man!!! Every time I turn a stinkin' nut on a stinkin' bolt I wince in fear for what calamity is sure to follow. Said calamity always costing at least $130 at the Home Depot. The gas going back-and-forth 6 times a day alone is hitting the $100 mark and I live 2 stinkin' miles away!!!


I'm going back to renting from some other "Man"...I think I'll take up the guitar while I'm at it. I should have plenty of time to learn it since I won't always be fixing shit. Yes, that was another facitious shot at you Kumbayaers! Take that hippie bastard!

In other news...

My newest book THE LIST is printing as I write this and will be shipping on Monday, July 16th to a store near you. Or get it here on this snazzy little site right now! Yes, right now. You read about my bathroom right? I need your money. Seriously.


My writing for MARVEL COMICS is in full swing so look for MCP (Marvel Comics Presents) in September!


I'll be at Comic-Con International in 2 weeks so stop by my booth in the "Independent Publishers Pavillion"! Then I'll be at Wizard World Chicago in August in Artists Alley.

And again!... Look for the latest issue of ARSENIC LULLABY cuz I just did a sweet little pin-up in Doug Paszkiewicz's hilarious and extremely irreverant book.

Quick movie recommendations...

In a past article I rated some animated movies and pretty much summarized that of the past 3-4 years there have been very few good animated films. And alot of turds! Way more turds than gems. We went to see SURF'S UP! and RATATOUILLE in the last 2 weeks and both were very good! The former was geared a little more for older kids as Stella (5) was a bit bored at times with the very clever "documentary" style--that Sandy and I LOVED! Jeff Bridges was awesome as the voice of the recluse surfer and made the film. The latter was more of a true "all ages" film and was equally enjoyable. Not Pixar's best but still a very enjoyable film. Both were well worth seeing. Two good animated films in a row!!! It's been a looonnnng time since that's happened.



Heath's Gravatar I felt that after seeing HAPPY FEET, a communist manifesto, with my 18 month old niece a couple of months ago, I was going to give up. Maybe I'll rent both the Rat flick and Surf's Up when they come out and hope for the best.

Even my sister-in-law SCOFFED at my commie remark half way through H.F., until the end. And she agreed. And I think she's a bit liberal, but being that she's Cuban-American, she HATES communism.

Anyway, I know the feeling about the house. We put in wood laminate March 2006, it was a DISASTER with a bunch of my friends and I scratching our heads. Two days later, and about $300 over budget, my best friend Alex came in and kicked butt, and we had it done in 8 hours.

But not before our mean neighbors yelled at us for making too much noise, even though they were all at work. Sigh...Well, at least they moved, but they're still f'in jerks!

# Posted By Heath | 7/13/07 12:21 PM
john k's Gravatar agreed. buying a house is quickly rising up the ranks to become the worst decision in my pathetic life
# Posted By john k | 8/6/09 10:44 AM
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