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It has arrived! Fruition at last. After 30(ish) years of dreaming, my first issue as a Marvel Comics creator saw the light of day yesterday; Wednesday, September 19, 2007. I shall mark it on the calendar and, henceforth, celebrate it as a national holiday (my understanding is that Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl is submitting a bill to get this acknowledged as a national holiday next week! My fingers are crossed).

I've read the issue 5 times already and my high-beams are still on. It's a pretty cool thing. I had to take my shirt off, though, after awhile because they were starting to chafe. Ouch.

I know I may be slightly biased, but is this the best anthology you've ever seen?! I think we're off to a great start, folks. That first story alone!...WOW! I am hooked! And I have no insider info here, kiddies, I read 'em just like you do...I have no clue what's going to happen with any of the stories ('cept mine, of course...I think) or what the writers all have in store. But I have a very good feeling (remember? High-beams!)!

Please write Marvel and let the fine folks there know what you're thinking. Feedback is very much appreciated and a crucial part of the process. I certainly will appreciate any comments on my particular storyline.

One quick note on my first installment...Make sure you don't miss the first page of my segment. Due to ad placement requirements one ad was sandwiched between my 1st and 2nd pages and you might just miss that first one. It's the page with the girl banging on the door...and you DO NOT want to miss what's all going on with her!!! Trust me, she's got somethin' to do with poor Michael Pointer's current sad predicament.

Many thanks to the fine folks who helped this dream come true...My wife, Sandy, of course for her unwavering support. Andy Schmidt, formerly an editor over at Marvel for shoving me off to his replacement editor, John Barber...and John for inheriting me and working through that initially tumultuous transition and making it work! Andrea DiVito and his wife Laura Villari for the phenomenal artwork. And Dave Sharpe for the "sharp" job lettering...I know that was a horrible pun. I know.

I'd also thank the many, many friends within the industry I've met over the years and hung around with. Too many to list here but you know who you are. And I've probably bought you all a few beers already as pre-thanks.

So, go now...GO! Run, run like the wind to your local purveyor of comic books and buy, buy, BUY multiple copies of MCP #1! (Also available right here on this very website!) And then go back next month for #2, and the following months for issues 3 thru 12. And then buy everything else I do and have ever shall not regret it for I shall be so very, very rich and famous one day and my back issues and original art shall fetch millions of dollars on ebay!

Run, dammit! RUN!

Hey, I've realized one dream this past week, right? I might as well start the next one.



Adam's Gravatar YOU ROCK
# Posted By Adam | 9/22/07 12:05 PM
Heath's Gravatar Awesome, Rich! You've given us, the little guys, hope!
# Posted By Heath | 9/23/07 7:13 AM
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