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Yes, as you may have surmised by my header, I am in the "Vick is an idiot" camp. He is. End of argument. It really makes me chuckle to hear people calling into the sports talk radio shows defending this knucklehead. My favorite argument these geniuses always trot out (thinking themselves oh-so-wise) is the, "There are murderers and rapists walking the streets!...That's much worse than killing a few dogs! So he should be let free too!"

Okay, so apparently Michael Vick isn't the only idiot out there.

Morons...can't you see how absolutely idiotic that argument is? First of all, yes, murder and rape of another human being is worse. Yes. But I'd venture to guess that in almost all the cases of these "alleged murderers and rapists" walking free they didn't CONFESS to their respective crimes. So there's that. Have these defenders forgotten the confession Michael Vick made, I wonder?

Second, in most cases of "murderers and rapists" walking free there were major problems in the cases against these people. The cases weren't airtight and so some bad person got off. Apparently not so with Mr. Vick. Apparently the prosecutors had quite a bit of evidence against him. So much so that HE CONFESSED TO EVERYTHING!!!!

Third, there's an old saying that two wrongs don't make a right. It applies here. If the defenders had it their way--rightfully placing "murder" at the top of the "bad things criminals do" list--no one would serve any jail time. Because if you say Michael Vick should go free because what he did wasn't as bad as what the "free murderers" did, then anyone committing ANY crime should also be let go according to that argument.


You idiots out there do realize that Mr. Vick confessed to this, right? Confessed to organizing dogfighting and viciously butchering animals.

It really disturbs me, though, when Vick's defenders try and make it an issue of race. What the hell's up with that? His being black has nothing to do with his abuse of animals. His idiocy does.

Spoiled athlete? Poor upbringing? Lack of guidance?...

Sure. Perhaps. A strong possibility.


Yes. Most definitely. I think the case against him on that is even more airtight than the dogfighting charges.

On a different note!...

I'll be shilling my goods this weekend at the upcoming Baltimore Comic-Con.

It's a grand event and in addition to selling my goodies I've also been invited to present two awards at the annual Harvey Awards dinner and banquet being held Saturday night. So spread the word! And make your travel arrangements right now!

Right now I said. GO!



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