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Hi-de-ho true believers!

Exciting news from the frozen tundra on two fronts--first and foremost the Packers rallied back strong after spotting the Seahawks 14 points in the first couple minutes of Saturday's playoff game and absolutely dominated in a 42-20 victory. I assume most everybody knows this as I write it and am telling you nothing new. But I have to say that, personally, that was the single most weird, bizarre, entertaining and satisfying football game I've ever witnessed. Especially after the first couple minutes and my wanting to turn the car around and head back home instead of going to the party we were heading towards. I can't believe they not only stuck with Ryan Grant who coughed the ball up twice in those first couple minutes, thereby spotting the other team 2 touchdowns, but that they also managed to maintain their collective poise and proceed to play the most inspired, well-designed, efficient football I've ever seen!!! This game was truly remarkable and inspiring. And how utterly ballsy and genius to keep Grant going! And the cat could not have redeemed himself better after the 2 fumbles could he? 201 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns?! Are you friggin' kidding me?!!!

Again, greatest game I've ever seen.

Ha ha ha on the Cowboys demise. Hate TO and couldn't be happier.

On to different news!...

I'm thrilled to report that after one year of very hard but happy effort I have completed the art for "BB Wolf & the 3 L.P.s" graphic novel written by my pal, Johnnie Arnold! AND we've signed a contract with Top Shelf Productions to publish it all in the same week! Now the promotion machine starts up as we begin to pimp the heck out of it leading up to a big 2009 release.

Yeah, I know...2009??? Waht the hizzel, you ask? Yep, in this day and age you gotta get all your ducks in a row before printing the books. You need a huge lead-in for the book trade, i.e. if you want to get the sucker into the major book chains like Barnes & Noble you have to get it into their catalogues 6-8 months in advance.

Thusly and therefore look for it in 2009, folks. But I can guarantee you'll be well worth the wait. I've never done better artwork and couldn't be prouder of the end result. Enclosed is one of the last 10 pages.

Let me tell you...finishing up a major job like BB leaves one with mixed feelings. There's the satisfaction and joy of having done a job well, sure. But there's also a weird sense of emptiness. Johnnie related to me yesterday that he felt the same way and was a wee bit perplexed by it. I told him I always experience the same thing. You invest yourself so much in these endeavors both time-wise and emotionally that when you finally reach the end of that veeerrry long marathon race you're completely out of sorts. You're a friggin' wreck! And a large part of the reason is that it's not really over. Your done with the physical work of producing the art but now you gotta sell the sucker! And, oh yeah, get it signed by a publisher, printed, marketed, solicited, distributed, and then shlep it around the country to all the shows.

And then decide what project you're going to start next.

Basically it never really ends. Hence the mixed feelings I guess. It's never really over.



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