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Howdy. Some fairly cool news today regarding my graphic novel THE KING. A prominent UK website has been serializing graphic novels for awhile and have recently (today as a-matter-of-fact) started posting my very own graphic novel, THE KING! They'll be posting/serializing the book in 8-9 page chunks over the course of the next couple weeks until they hit page 157 (And it looks friggin' SWEET posted there. Sometimes the resolution on these sites stinks but they've got it looking fantastic! The line quality and coloring (done by my lil bud, Adam "Scrot" Wallenta) look top-notch! It's true!). Then, if their readers dig what they're reading they gotta go out and get the book to finish the story. Pretty cool, hey? And my little story's rubbing shoulders on that site with some other pretty cool stories...Joe Matt's "The Poor Bastard" is up there; "Maakies" by Tony Millionaire; and a slew of others.

So GO...check out just how cool and popular I am. We're talking international here, man! IN-TER-NAT-IONAL!!!

I'm a goldurned star.

And then, of course, go to my site and order a boatload of THE KING graphic novels of your very own. We've still got first printings you know. They will be worth millions one day. You simply DO NOT want to be in that vomitous situation some day where you're saying to yourself, "Uhhhn...and-and I could've got a copy back in 2008 when it was COVER PRICE! Signed by the author yet!...N-now the thing's worth millions...sob...MILLIONS!" as you hold the razor to your wrist.

Don't be mad at me when that day comes...not my fault...I warned you.

Here's that address again



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