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I really can't believe how cool I am! Did you see the header for this column? Pretty hip, hey? I've got the lingo down, brutha! I am THAT cool.

Quick little announcement today...

MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #5 has hit the stands! This is the 5th installment of 12 that I'm writing in the new Marvel Comics Presents series by Marvel Comics. In this chapter the shiznit (me being hip again) really starts hitting the fan. So buy hard and buy heavy! As with all my other properties this series is BOUND to be worth millions of dead presidents some day! "Dead Presidents" is (for those unhipster doofuses out there) more cool lingo for money...dollars!

And in other news...

The Green Bay Packers take on the New York Giants today in the NFC Championship game. Pretty cool. Especially considering that virtually no one gave the Pack a chance in Hell of even winning their own division this year. Not even Brett Lorenzo! And now they're one friggin' game away from the SuperBowl! And this miraculous season has been no fluke. They didn't luck their way in...there wasn't a few of those kooky games where the ball just kind of fell into their hands and they pulled the game outta their collectives arses (think Bears a few years back). They won 13 games in the regular season and won each of those games decisively. They are a fluid, polished, hungry, well-balanced and very well-led team. Led not only by Brett Lorenzo (I just love using that cool middle name) on the field but by who I think should've been named coach of the year, Mike McCarthy, over there on the sidelines. This is the youngest team in the league and McCarthy has managed, in just 2 years as head coach, of getting them to the NFC Championship game. Not too shabby.

And speaking as a brilliant strategist myself I can't help but notice glaring differences in his coaching ability as compared to our previous coach, Mike Sherman...or Coach Blah Blah as most Packer fans know him. McCarthy has demonstrated a lot more creativity in his play calling and has also demonstrated the ability to make the "Big Call" whereas Sherman never seemed to be able to (remember 4th and 26?). Last week alone, where he stayed with Ryan Grant after 2 fumbles in the first 4 minutes and stayed with his gameplan, demonstrated intestinal fortitude that most coaches just do not have.

Bottom line: I like the Packers chances today. Even in sub-zero weather and even though the Giants are on an unbelievable roll right now. I give the Pack a 65% of winning. I'm going to say the Packers win in a low-scoring, running back dominated game with a 17-10 final score.

Then it's onto the SuperBowl. And whatever happens there is just gravy! Win or lose just getting there this year when nobody expected much of anything from this team will be a pretty darn cool thing.



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