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Hello. Yes it took me several days to get over the Packer's loss. Ten days in bed just eating Bon Bons can be very therapeutic. Sigh...I hate to say this but Brett looked old and cold in that game. And I say that with all sincerity not taking anything away from the guy. Let's face it...when you're 25 you can deal with that type of weather a lot better than when you're 38. Eli Manning did not look cold, Brett Favre did. Bottom line. And when the game moved into the second half Brett looked twice as cold. And the Packer's nosedived. It's really a minor miracle they were in it at all the second half and somehow managed to survive into overtime. And, well, we won't talk about the overtime.


Went and saw the movie Cloverfield the night it came out with my geek buddy, Jim Droese. From what I understand people are polarized on this film either loving it or hating it. I fall into the former category. Absolutely thought it was brilliant! Jim agreed and Sandy agreed three nights later when I took her to see it. The gripes I've been hearing from the "Hated it" camp seem to be of the "they didn't explain enough, though" variety. i.e. "I have zero imagination and am incapable of filling in the blanks which aren't really essential to the movie."

This movie is a ride folks! One helluva fantastic one, too. You get on and you're on the edge of your seat until it's over. Do you get all the questions answered? No. Do they need to be? ABSOLUTELY NOT! The movie's not about, "Where did the monster come from? Did it die in the end? Why was it here?" It was about a group of friends being caught up in a nightmare and trying to survive. They didn't know any of those answers and since the film's being shot from THEIR perspective why would they? HOW COULD THEY?! If you saw this movie and fail to realize and appreciate the unique perspective well, then, I simply cannot help you.


Things are moving along quite swimmingly on the new graphic novel "BB Wolf & The 3 L.P.s." Contracts are signed with Top Shelf, Johnnie (the writer) has Tony Guaraldi (the letterer) moving along on the lettering, and we're already pimping it to the book trade market which one has to do 6-8 months in advance these days. So our work is faaarrr from over but the bulk of the creative part's all finito. So good news there. You'll note one of the pages above!


Had a few foreign market deals signed recently on both THREE FINGERS and THE KING. The Dutch version of THE KING came out recently I guess. Still haven't seen the darn thing yet but am excited nonetheless. And recently signed a deal with a Brazilian pub and an Italian one for THREE FINGERS (I think the Italian one was for 3F anyway). Very cool. My books are being published in different countries. This is a pretty cool thing. I know MY high beams are on!


Am wrapping up my writing chores on my MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS 12 issue run this week! Hopefully this springboards me to bigger and better things with Marvel and/or some of the other comics companies. If you get a chance write Marvel and tell them I'm the greatest thing since the Pamela Anderson/ Tommy Lee video. Thanks.

So what's next?...

Well, first I have to figure out why I have this debilitating pain in the heels of both my friggin' feet! Which really rather sucks cuz as my big pal, Big Tim can attest I been nuttin' but the wackest shiznit on the flo' dis yeah! Da rock bin goin' in da ho' fo' me like all geddup of late and da boards I bin a crashin'!!! (That's my hip cool lingo for "I've been playing some rather splendid basketball this past year and contributing in a very positive manner by scoring the ball well and exerting great effort in obtaining numerous rebounds." Remember?...I'm very hip with my lingo. Very current.)

And career-wise I have a few things I'm working on. First and foremost I've had an autobiographical book planned detailing my life as a "struggling artist"...sounds like a hoot, hey? Actually I think it will garner the occasional chuckle whilst being peppered with an occasional tear. Basically it'll be like spending a few days with emotional tour de force where you can't help but fall hopelessly and helplessly in love with me. This happens quite a bit.

And I've also been sitting on my very own super-hero thing for a couple years which needs to be, NAY, DEMANDS to be published as soon as humanly possible. It's just so damn good I would literally be punishing the world not publishing it! Hell, I HAVE been punishing the world these past 2 years as it's sat here waiting and you didn't even know it! How friggin' horrible is that?!!!

I am so sorry. It will see fruition soon. I promise.

There's a few other odds and ends going on but nothing too significant at this moment. I'll keep you posted should anything monumental occur.



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