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Some of you may remember my horror story of my trip to Baltimore last year when I had a multitude of failed attempts to have a bowel movement. Well, not this year! Success was had, and had, and had. This year's mishap was when we decided to visit Edgar Allen Poe's gravesite. Found the gravesite and it was very, very cool. Some of the headstones were so old and worn by the weather you couldn't read them anymore. It was after visiting the grave where the fun began. When we decided to walk up the road and see his house. Only a half mile away. Me in my walking cast. Sandy and Stella in tow.

I thought we were going to die.

Folks, stay away if you value your life. We found ourselves smack dab in the middle of a WIRE or HOMICIDE episode. i have seen many "bad" neighborhoods in my time but this one was, by far, the scariest! Luckily we ran into another couple making their way to Poe's house as well so we banded together--the old "strength in numbers" thing. And this was the looonnngest .5 miles I've ever seen.

The city of Baltimore should be ashamed of itself for not doing something about this. This is one of Baltimore's greatest treasures and it looks (IT IS!) a war-zone around it. It's no wonder the museum is only open 2 months out of the year! No one wants to go there for fear of there life!

But we survived. It was an adrenaline rush, but we made it.

The con was fantastic! The Baltimore Comic-Con! Marc Nathan and his crew did an outstanding job and the hospitality was amazing. I sold a bunch of the 3 Geeks Exclusives and other goodies and just flat-out had a great time in general! The crowd was BIG, the guest list was top-notch and the Harvey Awards went off without a hitch. If you'll recall I was honored to be asked to be a presenter again this year and got a few chuckles from the big crowd.

This weekend I'll be at the equally fantastic Minnesota FallCon located at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds. So get yer buttocks out there for what is going to be the best FallCon yet! They're celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and have tons of great giveaways and guest lined up.

In other news...

The Brewers somehow managed to squeak into the post season! I couldn't believe it. Sadly, they just lost the first game (Rickie Weeks strikes again!) so they're going to have to rally and win game two or I fear this post-season celebration will be very brief. The good news is that CC Sabathia takes the hill tomorrow so we have a chance! And if we can get to game 5 he'll take the hill again. That means we have a chance.

Go Brewers!

A'ight, that's about it for now. Enjoy the illo I just knocked out tonight. That's the great character, USAgent for those who don't know. He was one of the main characters in my Weapon Omega storyline I did in Marvel Comics Presents. Issue #12 just came out and soon the Trade Paperback of my story will be out!!! Very cool! From what I understand my story is the only one from the series being collected into a tpb.

So there's that. I got that going for me.



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