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Hey kids, Well, if you were close enough to get to Fallcon and, for whatever reason, decided not to go then you effed up, man! GREAT SHOW this year! Record crowd in the newer, bigger, grander location and the boys who run that show were as friendly as ever. Plus we got to see a wedding there on Saturday night before gorging on New York strip steaks! And, of course, the Saturday night poker game! I lost this year but still had a grand ole time.

And the girls were in tow and also had a great time. Stella in the swimming pool=fun! And there was a "Rubber Stamp & Scrapbooking Show" right next door to our con this year so Stella had a blast over there.

I sold lots of stuff--mostly sketches--and had fantastic neighbors on either side of me again this year. Doug Mahnke was to my right and Keith Champagne to my left. Both talented chaps and both good-looking enough to properly compliment my own dashing handsomeness!

Brewers lost. No surprise there. Doesn't even seem like they made the post season at all, does it? Barely squeaked in and then barely showed up. Next year's going to be rough! They're going to lose pitching and probably a couple position players to free agency. sigh. Whattaya gonna do?


I just finished up the cover to The 3 Geeks: Slab Madness Issue #2 tonight and I'm pretty stoked! I think this might be my best cover yet. Really happy with the cover concept and then the execution (which I surprised myself by actually pulling off without any help from my lil bud, CJ!).

Issue #1 of this 3 issue mini-series will be solicited in the November Previews catalogue and then Issue #2 in the December catalogue, Issue #3 in January of '09. Yep, doing these three issues back-to-back-to-back people! I'm just that damn good!

In other news...It might be too late to advertise this but I'll be doing a signing tomorrow in Kenosha at "Heroes and Dreams" comic shop. 3020 Roosevelt drive. I'll be there from 12-3 so git yer scrawny asses out there or I will hunt you down and make you read back issues of Youngblood!!!

ALSO! Just did an interview that might be featured in the Midwest Airlines in flight magazine. Kind of cool. Up top is the uber special picture of me that millions of bored travelers will soon be taking into the plane's john and joining the half-mile high club to.

Sick, hey?



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