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Hey kids,

Proud to announce that the trade paperback collection of the Weapon Omega story I wrote (art by the Italian duo of Andrea DiVito & Marco Checchetto!), which ran in the first 12 issues of Marvel Comics Presents, just hit the stores today! And I must say it's a pretty sweet package (much like myself). And not only does it collect the 12 8-page segments that I did but it also includes the Prologue of Micheal Pointer, aka Weapon Omega, aka The Guardian that appeared in the "Civil War: The Initiative" one-shot which was written by one Brian Bendis and penciled by Marc Silvestri! And the cover is eye-popping! It's by the brilliant Mike Choi with colors by Sonia Oback. So you're getting a very nice collection here all for the measly price of $12.99!

Get yer hind-ends off the couch and to your local comic shop now!

Or order it off this here very website and I'll sign it for you and give you FREE shipping and handling.

DO IT!!! NOW!!!

I will be at the "Windy City Con" this Saturday if you're in that neck of the woods. "That neck" being Chicago if you hadn't gleaned that by the name of the con. Google Windy City Con for directions. It's only the 2nd year this con's been held but from what I've heard about last year's show it's destined to become a serious playah on the con circuit. So be there!


I'm in the thick of the 2nd issue of the new 3 GEEKS mini-series which officially launches with #1 in January (Novembers Previews catalogue for ordering). It looks like it'll be a 3-issue mini-series right now and I couldn't be happier with the way the story's going thus far. It's called "Slab Madness" for those of you unawares, and it involves the boys and the CGC (Comics Guaranty Corp)--you know, the guys in Florida who grade comics. Anyway, it's the usual fun and hijinx you'd expect from The 3 Geeks so make sure you order your copies.

Some of you may have already picked up part 1 at the Baltimore Comic-Con where it debuted as an "exclusive." If so, thank you and be patient...I know part 2&3 is a ways away but it'll be worth the wait, I promise! And I'm running 1,2 & 3 in consecutive months. They'll be solicited in the Nov, Dec and January Previews catalogues for Jan, Feb and March shipping. So order heavy and please tell your local retailers to order copies as well.

Alright, that's enough pimpin' of my product for now.

Rays beat the Sox which delighted me to no end and the World Series starts tonight. I'm pulling for the Rays again...have to! From worst to first?! Come on...if you're not rooting for these guys you have no soul...and if you were rooting for the Phillies anyway that just proves my point!!! I'm sorry but it's true, Phillies fans are the WORST! I've seen them live and in person and it was not pretty. You fans don't deserve a champion. Sheesh, you're worse than Cubs fans.

A'ight, thassit.



Mike's Gravatar Drat, I read this post on Sunday. Otherwise, it would have been great to hit the Windy City con...I didn't even know about it.

Oh well...
# Posted By Mike | 10/27/08 7:30 PM
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