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Hello True Believers!

Just a few quick updates for ya since some of you have actually expressed some mild to middling interest... Thanks Mom.

The 3 Geeks Movie!...

Well, the cameras have yet to start rolling...or digitizing or whatever the hell they do now. It has been frustrating, believe me. But I remain optimistic, nonetheless, and will keep you posted. There's really basically nothing to report on the movie front.

But the good 3 Geeks news is the new 3-issue mini-series which issue #1 is now being solicited. So order your copies now! The 3 issues will run back-to-back-to-back (cover from #2 posted here today!). Solicited Nov, Dec, Jan for Jan, Feb, March releases. The boys tackle to whole CGC "slabbing" debate in this mini-series...and they do it in typical, over-the-top 3 Geeks style. It's outrageous fun and the fine fellas over at CGC are completely endorsing this! 'Course, they haven't seen what I'm doing to them yet. Ha Ha Ha...

Three Fingers...

Three Fingers is currently out of print in the USA! That's right, sold out! I believe a new print run will be out in 2009 but, presently, I have no publisher attached. So if you just happen to run a multi-million dollar publishing house feel free to gimme a jingle.

The Italian edition, Quattro Dita, just recently came out, however! Very cool, since Lasagna still ranks in my top 3 all-time favorite foods. I dig on pizza too, man. Quattro Dita translates to "Four Fingers" actually--which struck me weird--but was explained to me that they don't call the thumb a thumb over in Italy. It's one of five fingers on the hand. So they felt if they were to remain with a title translated to read "Three Fingers" it would confuse their readers. Okay, I can buy that I guess. As long as it sells decently I ain't gonna quibble.

BB WOLF & THE 3 L.P.S...

BB is just getting it's final tweaks on the lettering/editing and I gotta tell ya it's looking absolutely beautiful. Johnnie and I are very proud and very anxious (especially Johnnie--this will bust his publishing cherry, y'know!) to see the project come to it's final fruition and have it in your hands! We're being told from the braintrust at Top Shelf that they're looking at a summer release. Definitely be ready at Comic-Con 2009 from what I'm gathering. We've also recruited cover wunderkind Matt Kindt to assist us with the cover design! This is quite a coup for us as Matt is one of the top cover artists in the biz.

The King!...

Been a few foreign editions out, the latest the german one, I think. Also, some potentially exciting new news on The King front but I'm just going to leave it at that for now. A big fat tease.

And after I'm finished with the 3 Geeks mini and the finishing touches on BB Wolf I'll be moving onto some other VERY exciting projects! I've got a few things cooking but, again, gonna stay hush hush for now. It's a superstition thing. Don't wanna jinx anything. One of the things that will be a "for sure" though is a sketchbook. I've been doing some very nice commissions over the past couple years and it struck me that I should cobble together a sketchbook. So I'm on that and looking for a summer/Comic-Con release.

I'm also looking hard at an "Omnibus" edition collecting all the 3 Geeks stories...also toying with full-color on that! "Toying" currently the operative word. It's looking like a strong possibility, though, as I'm just about out of all back stock on all the issues. So if you need anything get it now!

That's about it for this week. No bitching about roofers (although they all do still suck total @$$!) or pithy jokes. Just some publishing updates for my devoted readers. Because they deserve it BY CROM!



Matt's Gravatar Score Johnny Depp as the lead. Oh please, Oh please!

It's bat (no, I was high - Elvis) country.
How are we going to get out of this?

An omnibus of 3 geeks would be great for the fans - not sure about the sales but I would buy 2. (one to slab)

# Posted By Matt | 11/22/08 6:18 PM
Matt's Gravatar Still love ya Rich. And I'm excited to hear that BBWolf will be coming out soon.

You've come a long way since the Milo Books!
(don't get me wrong, those were great)

I'd love a shot at lettering one of your books and I'm some other fans would as well. Maybe your own Kinky Koslowski tryout book would be a small press hit?
Along the lines of the Mighty Marvel tryout book in the early 80's?

Happy Holiday wishes to you and the family.
# Posted By Matt | 12/4/08 7:37 PM
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