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Hey all!

As some of you may know I've been writing for Marvel Comics for the past few months in their new MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS anthology. I'm writing the "Weapon Omega" storyline featuring the new Guardian character! YES!!!! Anyways, I was informed a month or so back that my artist, Andrea DiVito, could no longer continue on the book and would be exiting as of issue 8. I was bummed, saddened and inconsolable. Then John Barber (editor) went on to explain that he'd found this "new guy" (a relative newcomer anyway) to take over named Marco Checchetto (another Italian dude). I was like, "Okay, I guess." What could I say, really? It was out of my hands. John said he'd be sending over some samples of Marco's work for me to peruse. I was like, "Sure...okay (i.e. whatever)."

So I waited for the jpeg samples.

Then I got them.

My worries soon evaporated (And I'm sure you can see why from the image I've just posted).

I'll still miss Andrea, don't get me wrong. He's fantastic! Love the guy. But Marco's stuff is just as good in it's own right. I'm not getting the middle relief pitcher here guys, I'm getting the saver in the ninth inning after my starter pitched 8 quality innings!



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