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That's right, folks, it's all gotta go! I'm purging, wheeling and dealing on everything here at casa Koslowski. The house has become overrun with stuff...lotsa stuff!! First and foremost my beloved comic book collection. Yep, that's right. I know, I know...anybody out there who also collects is right now reading this as the hairs on the back of their neck stand at attention and the pit of their stomach sinks a couple inches...some of you may have even thrown up in your mouth a little. "H-HOW CAN YOU SELL YOUR C-C-COMICS?!!" But it's true. I'm 40, we're making some changes, and I could use some space and a few bucks. Plus, I look at all these comics and ask myself, "Am I ever going to read them, again?" If the answer is "No" then they must go. I'll be saving some, of course. The chances of my ever obtaining an Avengers #4 signed by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are pretty limited so, yeah, that one stays (unless someone makes me a seriously SERIOUS offer!). And there are quite a few of my Golden and Silver Age comics I'll hold onto, but 90% of the collection is going to be sold!

SO! If you are interested check out eBay where I've started listing them. And there is some good shit going up my friends...good shit! The "shit" shit I'll try and sell at the local shows and flea markets, don't worry.

So go check it out...right now! My eBay seller name is Poo666 and, yes, it's a stupid name...I know. It was inadvertent when I registered. I thought that was going to be my password and it was a stupid, juvenile password I'd easily remember so that's why I picked it. Hey, I wasn't very savvy on the computer stuff when I joined eBay so I hadn't a clue...and I was too scared to try and change it so I left it. And now that I know how to change it I don't want to cuz I've got a solid track record as Poo666, alright?! So I'm stuck being Poo666...the "shitty devil" if you will.


And, yep, not just selling the comics. Furniture, books, cds, toys, everything! We're purging it all. Then it's the house! More on that later...when we're ready.

So feel free to send your money. Check out my eBay goodies and go friggin' nuts.

That's it for this week...ain't got much else.



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