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Hey all. Sorry but this one's gonna be short and boring as hell. I am sick. Sandy is sick. And poor little Stella is really sick! In fact we had to rush her to the emergency room last night at 11:30 PM and were there until 1:45 AM. What we thought was just a common cold with a slight fever (we had her home all week from school) evolved into a frightening episode last night of her shaking/shivering uncontrollably and screaming in pain at some cramps in her legs. So we rushed to the hospital where we waited, and waited, and waited....meanwhile I walk her around comforting her as she falls asleep on my shoulder from exhaustion. She then wakes up 10 minutes later and pukes all over me. Now we're really freaked out and, needless to say, pretty grossed out as well.

Well, turns out her cold evolved into a pretty serious ear infection that just turned her whole system topsy-turvy. We had actually suspected an ear infection the day before because she said her ear ached whenever she sneezed or burped but then it seemed to go away. The fever would go away as well. So we didn't pull the trigger on taking her to her doctor on Tuesday like we had planned on Monday.

Lesson learned.

If you suspect an ear infection with your kid take them right away, man. It's pretty prevalent with little kids when they get bad colds because their ear canals are narrower than an adults--they get clogged by the mucus in the nasal passage and then the goop gets stuck there and voila! ear infection!

So, not alot of sleep here lately with that and us being sick as well. Hence, this boring blog. Please forgive me.



P.S. Our softball team did have it's debut yesterday before the mayhem late last night and we pulled off an exciting 14-12 win. Just thought you'd all like to know that.

P.P.S. My heel is still friggin' killing me...did you know I have horrible bone spurs? Yep, fun stuff. Surgery this Fall.

brad weber's Gravatar feel better, kids!
# Posted By brad weber | 5/5/08 7:41 AM
Heath's Gravatar Damn! Hope everyone's better now. Poor Stella!!

See Iron Man yet?!

# Posted By Heath | 5/13/08 2:20 PM
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