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Hey all,

Hope you're all enjoying (or are going to) your Memorial Day weekends. And let's not forget who the weekend's memorializing as we down the burgers and beers.

Okay, I did my preaching, now onto other news!...

As some of you may have gleaned from previous blogs we are looking to move. This winter finally broke the proverbial back...almost literally with all the shoveling. And so we're selling just about everything to lighten the load and beef up the slush fund. Furniture, house, everything!...

Yes, gasp!, I'm even unloading the most premium comics in my collection. Actually I'm unloading just about the whole darn thing! It saddens me, sure, but I can't hold onto them forever and if it means making the move possible, so be it, I'm at peace with it.

Anyway, I'm listing stuff on good ole eBay so if you get a chance take a look. My "seller ID" is poo666. Yes, poo666. "Poo" as in crap and "666" as in the Devil! I thought it was my password when I enrolled (an easy one to remember I thought) in eBay not my userID name. I was nervous and confused, okay?! And then I was afraid to change it after spending the 8 friggin' hours filling in all the friggin' information so I just left it! It's ended up working out alright, though, as people seem to remember it. So, whatever, all good.

So that's it for this week. Just announcing my super-sale and wishing you all a nice weekend.



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