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A'ight, a few things to discuss this week...

First; I will be at Wizard World, Chicago, next week so get your sorry asses out there and buy lots of my shit. I will be located in Artists Alley at table 3116 and I will look effing handsome as hell! I will charm the shit out of you and may even espouse some words of pearly wisdom if you're lucky. I will then proceed to allow you to tell me just how fantastic I am and, perhaps, even allow you to purchase me several pints of lager after the show closes. And if you are a smokin' hot babe I have had an aching back these past few months and might even give you permission to massage my massive musculature.

So that's for next week. Wizard World, Chicago. June 26-29th.

After WizWorld I'll be at the San Diego Comic-Con in July 24-27th...(see above for allowances and such).

This fall I'll be attending the Baltimore Comic-Con (Sept 27-28)run by the incomparable, Marc Nathan, who has invited me to have an "exclusive" release of a 3 GEEKS comic book! That's right, folks, an exclusive edition of all-new material that will only be available at that show!!! This is a pretty cool deal for me. So if you can make that show be there, man. (again, fans, see above for allowances and such).

Then it's the Minnesota Fallcon (Oct 4-5)! The boys at Fallcon simply run the funnest show on earth. Food, drinks, poker and oh yeah, there's a comic book convention, too. (At this show I do the massaging!)

Okay, so that covers my upcoming convention schedule. Onto other odds and ends because that is the title of this blog after all.

Some movies to see or not see...

KUNG FU PANDA. See it! Great fun, great story and fantastic animation.

THERE WILL BE BLOOD. See it! Daniel Day Lewis is an acting god! This movie has the type of pacing I absolutely LOVE. A slow-burn with a phenomenal ending.

INDIANA JONES AND THE CRYSTAL SKULL or whatever the hell it was called. Save your money!!! It started out...okay, and quickly deteriorated beyond ridiculous. Not only do they let any "cat out of the bag" right away so there's no big surprise with the whole alien thing (I'm not ruining anything here, trust me) but the whole chase scene in the jungle made me want to walk out. Swinging through trees like Tarzan, sword fights on two moving cars, driving a car over a cliff onto a tree that slowly bends them down into the river and allows them to then drive off of it gently and then snaps violently up and smacks the bad guys scaling down said cliff?!!!! was insulting. We all knew that Lucas lost his mind ten years ago after STAR WARS Chpt 1 but it now seems that his bud, Spielberg has also lost touch with his audience as well. After walking out of the theatre I wanted to be kind and give it a C- but looking back it's really no better than a D.

Softball. Well, the injury bug has taken its toll on me this year. My heel spurs kill me and now it's affecting my lower back. Surgery looms this summer (after softball's over. I have so little joy I need to play!). BUT! I did manage to go 3/4 Tuesday night and 4/5 Wednesday to break out of a pretty depressing inconsistent past few games. We won both games and I know that all of you reading this are getting hard nipples right now imagining me running, tight buttocks rounding the bases, crossing home plate with my pectorals rippling through the taut fabric of my jersey!

Okay, that's enough.



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