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Hey all,

Had my heel surgery on Friday to remove the very painful bone spur that was causing me severe pain for the past 8 months. Prior to that it was moments of excrutiation over the past 10 years so I think it was time for the surgery. So, did I mention that the spur was conveniently located behind the achilles tendon right on the tip of the back of the heel? And that because of this brilliant location the achilles had to be partially detached to get at the spur? And, oh yeah, did I also mention that I have these little lovelys in BOTH HEELS and that heel #2's surgery will be following soon?

Yes. The summer of Hell (I honestly just misspelled Hell as Heel...can you believe it?) continues for us here at casa Koslowski.

So, I'll be laid up for 4 weeks in a cast and then 2-4 more weeks of rehab and then onto heel #2. Weeeeeeeee!!!!!!

The discomfort is unbelievable, folks. Sleeping through the night is impossible. But the pain pills are pretty darn cool. I am not a recreational drug user, and never really have been as I am all about control, but the past 2 days--and in times past for other surgeries--I must say that the pills have brought me a certain degree of, oh, shall we say...BLISS. I dig the lucid dreaming...that in-between awake and asleep place where you know you're hallucinating/dreaming and yet you can still follow the game that's playing on the tv. A fairly cool thing. So there's that. The bright side, right?

And I hope to finish my latest, and long overdue, 3 Geeks comic while I'm laid up. It's set to be an exclusive release for this year's Baltimore Comic-Con so I'm very excited about it. In this issue I'll be taking on the always controversial debate about "slabbing" comics and the CGC company. So make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that issue. Go to Baltimore and get your copy there!

In other news...

The Brett Favre thing. Yep. I guess it's finally over. The long, painful, irritating, shameful ordeal has finally come to a rather surreal and sad ending for us Packer fans. A Jet?! REALLY?! This is ridiculous.

Brett Favre is going to end his career as a Jet.

That's just wrong.

But whattaya gonna do. Time to move on. I'm not going to drudge it all up anymore because, frankly, I'm exhausted from it all and am just ready to move on and forward with Aaron Rodgers and plan on cheering the hell out of the guy, good or bad. It's all I can do.

A'ight, foot's starting to throb so I gotta go elevate. (and pop a couple little pillies...yaaaayyyy).



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