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Hey all. As you may know I've been laid up with my foot in a cast for 2 weeks the drugs (boo hoo) so the coherency is back and as a result...really bored. Been watching aloooooooooooot of television and thank Odin for the Olympics right now. Been watching about 6-8 hours a day of it and some days even more. What else am I gonna do? watch Jerry Springer (is he still on? Is he still alive?)!

So, The Olympics. Let's summarize so far...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Michael Phelps kicked royal ass and I cheered along the whole way but he's gottewn enough love already so let's focus on some of the other Olympians shall we?

Best Olympian name of the games just simply flat-out has to go to relay swimmer Liam Tancock from Great Britain. Liam TANCOCK!!! That's just awesome. I know Phelps was in that last relay for his 8th gold but a small part of me (guess which one) was pulling for Mr. Tancock.

I just wonder if it's really tan.

Best "Birds" of the games has to go to Sue Bird and Jenny Finch. Tweet tweet in this case translates to Sha-wing Sha-wing! Even my wife, Sandy, noted that Jenny Finch looked like a model. She was, in fact, purring like a kitten as she said it. I got warm.

And is it just me or do our ladies just look that much better than all the other countries ladies or what?!!! In that Olympic category we sweep and would have a 26 way tie at the top! Where do you start? Cute gymnasts, foxy swimmers, the beach volleyball players make me feel evil and then they go and show the pole vaulters that look like cover models! I've been laid up for 2 weeks, folks...aha...NOT HELPING the situation at all.

Seriously, though. Our ladies are by far the best looking besides kicking serious butt (oh I wish it were mine) in their events. Our ladies are the best athletes in the world!

Okay, now onto Badminton. Why? Seriously, this is an Olympic event but they're getting rid of Softball and Baseball after this Olympics? That's disgusting.

Been some definite scoring favoritism in the Gymnastics, as per usual, with the Chinese being the beneficiaries of said favoritism. When us layman can spot it it's one thing...I don't know technical difficulty from difficulty taking a dump (which the pain pills caused btw) but I do know what looks good and I do know that when a gymnast lands ON HER FRIGGIN' KNEES on her landing from the vault she doesn't deserve a Bronze medal!!! And when the commentators continuously make a point of saying it's "hinky" then you know it's HINKY! That's what sucks about Gymnastics and Figure Skating...the judges. The CORRUPT judges. Always been a problem and, apparently, always will be. And yet they both dominate the coverage every single time the Olympics are televised. Sigh. Whattaya gonna do?

A'ight, that's it for now.



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