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Hello again my dear friends.

It is with delight that I inform you of the brand spankin' new 3 GEEKS comic that will be debuting at the Baltimore Comic-Con September 27-28th as a limited "exclusive!" Yes, that's right!...A limited exclusive people! 500 copies. That's it. The comic will then be slightly altered and distributed through the normal channels, though, so fret not true believers, you will be able to nab yourselves a copy (or multiples if you're a TRUE collector) if you miss out on the exclusive.

And it's all Marc Nathan's fault! Marc runs the Baltimore show and coaxed me into bringing the boys back out of their semi-retirement by lavishing me with a free booth and hotel room and this exclusive deal. I couldn't resist.

So what's it about you ask? Well as you may have gleaned by the cover image the boys tackle the great CGC debate in this issue. To slab or not to slab?...that is the question! It's the usual madcap adventure fraught with mayhem and the typical brand of humor and hijinx you'd come to expect from The 3 Geeks.

We're also hoping to make this extra special by getting some of the 500 copies slabbed there at the con! Yeah, we're making this a fun one, folks! And just in case you're wondering if the fellas over there at the CGC are okay with this? Heh Heh Heh...who cares!!! Nah, just kidding, they're completely on board with it. Happy to report that they have wonderful senses of humor over there and are big fans of the book. Steve Borock is, sadly, no longer with CGC but has always been one of The 3 Geeks biggest supporters...he also owns about 25 pieces of original art from my books...God love 'im. Now they've got another good friend, Paul Litch, at the helm. Those are the two knuckleheads who you see adorning the cover with the boys and their nemesis, Sky Branovan. In case you were wondering.

A'ight, that's it for now I guess.

My foot's still in a cast and will be for another 4 weeks. Finally saw The Dark Knight yesterday and really enjoyed it. Maybe I'll give my two cents review in next week's column but although I did love it I still liked Iron Man better. And the one main reason I think is that Iron Man was more well-rounded. Iron Man had the one thing the The Dark Knight did There was no joy at all in The Dark Knight. Very dark, very moody. And I'm all for that but, geez, can Bruce Wayne ever be happy? even for, say, 2 minutes? And, again, all that being said I still did love this movie so don't jump all over my shit when you see me, alright?




Heath's Gravatar I can't wait for the newest 3 Geeks adventure!

# Posted By Heath | 9/20/08 8:05 AM
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