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Hey all,

Just a friendly reminder that I will be a "special Guest" at this upcoming weekend's BALTIMORE COMIC-CON! What does "special guest" mean exactly you might ask? Well, it means that I was asked/offered a chance to premiere an "Baltimore Comic-Con Exclusive" comic which will feature my 3 Geeks characters (limited to 500 copies!), I am, once again, a presenter at the illustrious Harvey Awards ceremony, I got a free booth and I also got a free hotel room! PLUS! event organizer, Marc Nathan, is also taking a slew of us "special guests" to the Orioles game on Friday night!

It's not often that I get this kind of love from show promoters so going to the show was kind of a no-brainer. And besides all the love Marc has heaped upon me the show is flat-out fantastic! Marc seems to jam pack more creators per square foot than any other show. And he seems to get more of these awesome "exclusives" as well. So if you can make it to the show go! You won't regret it.

Baltimore Comic-Con runs this upcoming weekend Sept 27&28th.

THEN! The following weekend I'll be at the Minnesota Fallcon! As I have said in the past the guys up in Minnesota are the best! This show is flat out fun, fun, fun! Food, beer, poker, close proximity and great sales make this show my "numero uno must go show" each and every year. I can't think of any other show that's more relaxed. Everyone seems to know one another there as most of us come back each year. I think that alone speaks volumes as to just how well this show is run. Fallcon is also celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and have pulled out all the stops! They sent out hundreds of sketch cards to hundreds of top artists this year for giveaways to the fans attending and the response was phenomenal! You have to see the list of artists who have contributed! Amazing!! I have a feeling we're going to see a deluge of these cards posted on eBay shortly after the show.

Fallcon runs the weekend of October 4&5th! Be there!

In other news...

The Brewers suck. And I know I'm going to piss off a few people here (sorry Big Tim) but I called the Ben "Sucks" Sheets (get it?) ordeal day one of the season. "He's gonna go down with a twisted ass hair when we need him most, man!" I said. I also predicted they'd finish 5 games over 500--that would be 86 wins for those who don't know. 4 weeks back I have to say it looked like I was dead wrong on the record, but what with their monumental collapse these past 4 weeks it looks like I'm going to be pretty darn close on the record prediction after all. What the hell?!!

I believe they now have 84 wins with today's win over the hapless Reds. Whatever. They were 9 games up in the Wild Card chase a month ago and now they're 2 games back! Do you know how hard it is to give up that kind of lead?! That lead, with a month left to play, is H-U-G-E!!! Bullpen sucks (really really sucks!), hitting sucks, starting pitching sucks (except for Sabathia who will undoubtedly ship out after this season) and management is in complete disarray with the late season firing of Ned Yost. Not that I'm upset with the firing, mind you. Never a big fan of the hot-headed, "stick with the player even when they suck ass," uber condescending, super thin-skinned Yoster.

But the Sheets thing really chaps my ass. I screamed for trading this glass-jawed Nancy at the mid-season trade deadlines and everyone railed me. "NO WAY!" they screamed, "They're in a pennant racer and Sheets is doing great!" They all seemingly suffered from short-term and long-term memory loss. Apparently they all seemed to forget that Sheeter goes down with some sort of weirdly inexplicable injury every single season he plays...sometimes 2 or 3 times within the same season. Ever see the movie "Unbreakable"? Sheets is our Samuel L. Jackson.

So yeah, they suck. Whattaya gonna do? Nuffin'! I'm actually pretty numb to it to tell the truth. I've come to expect it so it's almost...comfortable.

Pretty sad, hey?

And in other news...

My daughter, Stella, is the greatest thing there is. She makes me laugh every day. She makes me proud every day. She makes me happy every single day. In the "baseball game of life" she hits the walk-off game-winning grand slam every game and pitches the complete game no-hitter!



Matt's Gravatar You talk a big game Rich, but the soft side comes out occasionally. I respect you for that. Kids are the future and I'm glad to hear that you take such pride and joy in Stella. I hope you never lose that love for her.
# Posted By Matt | 9/22/08 5:50 PM
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