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Hello all. My good pal, Jim Droese, called me this morning to inform me, with some measure of glee, that my book THREE FINGERS had made it into this new book entitled, "500 ESSENTIAL GRAPHIC NOVELS; THE ULTIMATE GUIDE" by Gene Kannenberg Jr. and published by Collins/Design (Harper/Collins).


Yep. So I rushed right out to Barnes & Noble and grabbed the last copy! Ironic that it was in the Graphic Novel section of B&N and my books in this book but B&N doesn't stock my book!...sigh. Anyway, got the book, looked up my book in the book and felt my nips stiffen! Yep, very sweet.

It's a VERY nice book and I'm not just saying that cuz I'm in it. Nope. I'd probably had picked it up even were I not. This is a fantastic package and does, indeed, highlight 500 excellent graphic novels, many of which already adorn the shelves in my own library.

So, first off, rush out and get your copy (or order it online) and second, heed the advice within and get your copy of THREE FINGERS! Oh and guess what?!!! You can order that right off this very site! Oh, and guess what again? I have the last 200 copies available right now as it is currently out of print and won't be reprinted until 2009. So that's right...if you want a "First Printing" you can only get them here right now. Hee hee hee, the POWER!!!!

A'ight, that's about it for now. Had my Fantasy Football draft this past Sunday (my good buddy, the aforementioned Jim Droese, is my FF partner BTW) and it went swimmingly. I hate Randy Moss's guts but just had to take him with the 6th pick...consarn it all! Ironically ended up with one Brett Lorenzo Favre as my backup QB, too! Strange. Y'know, 5 years ago I scoffed at all the FF hoopla, but I gotta say it is alot of fun! Makes me care about the NFL! I was a casual/semi-serious fan at best before but now I'm constantly monitoring the points board. Something to do. And, hey, it's gambling! Me likey to gamble.

Okay. I'm out!



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