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Hey all,

Hope you all have a Happy New Year (well, not ALL of you actually...there's a few turds out there that I know read this who I honestly hope have miserable New Years).

We just got back from a much needed vacation from sunny Florida where the temperatures ranged from 60-80 degrees. Again...why does anyone live in Wisconsin??? Seriously, the weather was perfect the whole 9 days we were there and we all did some serious "battery recharging."

We went swimming every day but one, went to the ocean a few times, miniature golfing, saw Tale Of Despereaux (mediocre), I went golfing and did rather well thank you, and, in general ate, drank and slept in excess! It was glorious.

Once back I put the finishing touches on issue #2 of the 3 issue 3 GEEKS mini-series--of which issue #1 will officially hit the stands next week! I just got my copies back from the printer today and the new "blue" cover looks fantastic! (image enclosed above)

Thanks must go out to the fellas over at CGC for their support and great senses of humor; My man Chuck Rozanski of Mile High Comics fame for his continued support; Jonah Weiland over at Comic Book Resources and Michael Lorah from Newsarama for doing the interviews and pimping the new series!!!

This "regular" edition is now also available on the website! Go get yours now!

Issue 2 goes to the printer tomorrow with Issue 3 to follow a month later.


In other news...

I see the hierarchy at Packers central must have read my last blog because they gutted the entire defensive coaching staff. See the power and influence I have?!!! Feels good.

In other other news...

I promised an update on the 3 Geeks movie awhile back and here it is...Officially DOA. Sadly, the director/producer I signed with a couple years back found himself having to take on other jobs (bills and all to pay) and The 3 Geeks kept getting pushed back until the 2 year agreement we signed came to its end. I decided against renewing it to seek out other options available to me. So if you're a big Hollywood mucky muck, or know a big Hollywood mucky muck let me know! I also had an offer recently to develop 3 Geeks "webisodics" but passed on that as well. The deal was enticing but in the end I decided to shoot for bigger things.

Thassit for now.



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