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Hey kids, Hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween! I've enclosed a brand spankin' new image I think appropriate for this festive day. Hope you all dig. It will be the cover art for what I hope turns into and upcoming graphic novel starring my 3 boys (The 3 Geeks for those who don't know. And if you don't get yerself edumicated right now). At the very least I'm thinking posters and greeting cards. Whattaya think?

In other news...

Finally got the chance to see my buddy Rob Venditti's movie The Surrogates the other night and was so very, very proud of my little 'Berto. Although I will agree with several reviewers comments that it could have been 20 minutes or so longer to better develop some aspects of the story, overall I found myself enjoying the film very much. Personally knowing Rob ('Berto) I'm so happy for his success as he's truly one of the nicest people in the comics biz. So get out there and get a copy of his Surrogates graphic novels. I also read his sequel "Flesh And Blood" and liked it even more than the original! So I wholeheartedly endorse the books.

In other news...

Just painted a new image for the upcoming (YES! It's true) BB WOLF AND THE THREE L.P.S graphic novel we've got coming out from Top Shelf in 2010. It's officially been slated for a May release now and we're just putting the finishing touches on the cover. So keep your eyes peeled for the solicitations. Of course I will keep you all posted right here at this very site! Promise.

In other news...

Stella and mom & dad are off to trick-or-treat soon. It's so nice going out in 65 degree weather as opposed to having to wear our winter coats and hats. Stella is Cleopatra this year and Sandy and I managed to cobble together costumes from Stella's old costumes! I will be a skunk and Sandy a witch. And aside from the costumes actually working and looking good the best part is that it costs us zero! We went to the local costume shop and the idea of shelling out 100 bucks for a couple of craptastic costumes we'd only wear once or twice just rubbed me the wrong way. My inner thighs are still chaffed from the thought.

So look for a 6 foot skunk prowling your neighborhoods tonight! And stay away from his tail cuz he had beans for lunch.



wayne beamer's Gravatar Marble Zombies? Good God, not you too...
# Posted By wayne beamer | 11/2/09 7:47 AM
Spike Spicy's Gravatar Does this mean a new manual will be needed for picking up girls as a comic book zombie?
# Posted By Spike Spicy | 11/2/09 4:16 PM
mike's Gravatar Fun stuff. I can see why you couldn't resist doing this.
# Posted By mike | 11/22/09 9:55 AM
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