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Hello kiddies, Okay, I was more than a little shocked when I came across the picture you see here. I will, on occasion, troll the internet for new reviews on my books and lo and behold, the last time I did this, this is what I found!

It seems that a couple years back, at the comic shop, Comicopolis, in sunny Santa Cruz, CA., three young ladies happened upon the store. It is still unclear as to whether they came in together, or not, but store owners Troy and Johnnie both witnessed what was about to unfold...

Apparently the two store owners heard the girls conversing in the background while they discussed the upcoming week's orders. As they were busy they did not, at first, notice that the discussion between 2 of the girls began to get heated! By the time they did become aware that the conversation had escalated into a full-blown argument it was too late. The girls were already on the ground rolling around, viciously tearing at each other as the third girl stood stunned watching! There were screams and profanity laced accusations! Johnnie and Troy were back behind the counter, and, initially, too shocked to even move at what they were seeing, so the fight progressed a few more seconds before they sprang into action! They got out from behind the counter, ran around one of the bookshelves and approached the two screaming girls ready to separate them before one of them got seriously hurt! But by the time they got to arm's reach the fight--as often fights between the ladies do--evolved into something entirely else! Yes, the girls were still agitated but it was somehow...different now. The aggression had turned...become more focused...more HEATED if you will. The wrestling was now more of a...writhing. Again, Troy and Johnnie found themselves paralyzed by what they were bearing witness to. Their shouts of "HEY! STOP!" petered out into feeble whimpers of, "hey....h-h-he-eyyy..." And the third girl was so distraught all she could manage were low, gutteral groans as her eyes squeezed tightly shut and her body shuddered.

It was fortuitous for Troy and Johnnie that longtime customer, Harry Coe, happened into the store that day with his camera. Well, he had his camera but it was in his car. Good thing his car was right outside of the shop; just two blocks down the street and four more blocks over in the nearby parking structure up on the fourth floor. Yep, good thing! He got back just in time to snap a series of photographs for pals Troy and Johnnie in case there was any damage to the store and they had to file a claim with their insurance company. Harry managed to snap off a few dozen pictures! (several are posted at Love Bomb Review! For, you know, the insurance company if they need to see them.)

The disagreement lasted well over an hour and everyone was exhausted. Troy, Johhnie and Harry as well as it has been documented that mental exhaustion and stress can be just as intense as physical exhaustion. The girls left together, still calling each other nasty names but the tone was different now somehow, the hitting more of a spanking concentrated on the hind quarters of each girl. But before they left Johnnie was able to ask them what instigated the fight--this was after asking them where they were going, what were they doing now, what were their phone numbers, their astrological signs and who they thought would win in a fight Thor or Superman (Johnnie saying Thor).

He was denied answers to all questions but one... Apparently, there was only one copy of "THE 3 GEEKS: WHEN THE HAMMER FALLS!" TP left on the shelves and they were fighting over that (didjya spot the book in the pic??)!

Huh?! Go figure.

So, naturally when I heard of this terrible situation I contacted Troy and Johnnie to find out if it was true and to offer them more copies of the Trade Paperbacks to, hopefully, help avoid any more violence in their store! They did, indeed, verify the fight and thankfully order copies of my books.

But, curiously, they only ordered ONE copy of each book.




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