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Howdy Folks!

I am pleased to announce that issue #3 of 3 in the latest 3 GEEKS mini-series is now available! It'll hit stores this week or next (not completely sure which) and is available NOW @ $2.99 each through the website. I am also going to offer you a discounted 3 pack for $8 S&H included. The "SHROUD OF ALLEN" t-shirts are also available this week. I'll post an image as soon as possible on those but they are available for ordering @ $16.95 each and come in M, L, XL and XXL sizes. They are a light tan (natural) shirt with dark brown silkscreening.

Response was very good on this latest 3 GEEKS installment. Thanks to all for your continued support!

In other news...

BB WOLF AND THE THREE L.P.S is done and just waiting for Top Shelf to announce a release date. Many of their planned 2009 releases have been pushed back until 2010 because of the sagging economy. Sadly, it looks as if that'll be the case with BB WOLF. A lot of people have been asking for updates, wondering if the book is done or not, so there it is. Me and Johnnie are completely bummed about the delay but understand the economics of the decision.

In other news...

I will be attending the "Super-Con" in San Jose next month, May 16-17th. If you're in the San Jose area make sure and check out the con. I hear great things about it.

Other shows I'll be attending this year are COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL; WIZARDWORLD CHICAGO; MINNESOTA FALLCON and other possible cons will be BALTIMORE COMIC-CON and the second WINDY CITY CON which was the best single day con I ever attended last year--and it was the con's first year which made that fact all the more impressive.

In other news...

Am recovering from hernia surgery this week. Lots of fun. Couple months ago I had a quick, jarring slip on the ice while chucking some garbage. Felt a sharp pain in my groin. Weeks went by with no improvement so I googled WebMD and self-diagnosed myself with a sports hernia. Made an appointment with one of the world's best hernia surgeons who happens to have an office a mere mile from my house! How fortuitous! He diagnosed the hernia in about 46 seconds! And let me tell you that I've never been happier with bad news in my life! Let me explain...

10+ years ago I was in the midst of another grueling deer season at my dad's grocery store. There he does custom processing of wild game, i.e. deer, moose, bear, turkey, etc. Deer season is HUGE here in Wisconsin and we do a very brisk business processing deer every year. I am (was) the main skinner. Still hold the record for skinning the most deer in an hour (13) and the most in a season (386). And this was back when everything was done by hand, no winches. Not bragging, just stating a fact and laying the groundwork for the idiocy that follows. It was one deer season where we were skinning away, knee-deep in corpses and flowing male testosterone that a challenge was made. A friend asked if I thought I could military press another friend. Said friend being Craig Ploetz who weighed in at about 180 pounds. I accepted as I was pumped up with the aforementioned testosterone and an abundance of confidence. And so I grabbed Craig under the armpits, bent slightly at the knees, and hoisted Craig up into the air triumphantly!

The sharp, hot, searing feeling in my lower belly that accompanied the successful lift was unexpected.

A few months went by and the pain subsided.

A few years later it was still there. A low, dull ache in my lower abdomen. So I went to the doctor.

Doctor ran the traditional hernia tests and came up with nothing. Alrighty then.

Couple more years pass and the pain persists. So I make another appointment. Does the same test for a hernia. Nothing. I voice my concerns about cancer. He orders a battery of tests with the Urologists and whatever they call the doctors who make you drink that horrible Barium liquid and then surprise you in the "Barium drinking room" with the little tidbit about having to also insert the barium into your rectum so they can get as thorough a catscan as possible of your entire lower abdomen area. "Wha...?" Insert what where?" was the reaction I believe I gave.

Let me tell you when they stick that little tube into you and then tell you to take a deep breath and expect to feel a bit of pressure...let me tell you it's not as fun as one would hope.

Anyway, after running to the bathroom after that ordeal, then driving home as fast as I could to run to the bathroom at home then returning to same bathroom 20 more times that day, I didn't care what the results were at that point I just wanted to have solid feces again.

Anyway, no hernia, no prostate issues and no cancer. All good news. Except that I still had this undiagnosed pain.

Couple more years go by and I'm moving a couch up a flight of stairs. Same hot flash in the same spot.


Wait a few weeks. Call the doctor. Run some tests. Nothing.

Fast forward to present day. I tell my surgeon all of this and, apparently, I had the original tear/hernia, but it healed over enough to avoid detection. Then it happened again same way. Result, the discomfort I felt for the past 10 years. And then I gave her a GOOD one and really ripped open a hole. And it was probably more severe because of the previous 2 tears.

SO hopefully now we've got it repaired and the 10+ year pain will go away.

It was an exciting week. Bathroom trips being the most challenging. The Oxycodone was a good time though. Except the rainy night where I kept waking up thinking/hallucinating that a murderer was creeping around in the room with me. That kind of sucked.

A'ight. That's it for now. Keep it real and stay off the icy patches.



Heath McKnight's Gravatar Another blog about poop, I love it! Seriously, I hope you feel better and I can't wait to read Slab Madness!
# Posted By Heath McKnight | 4/8/09 8:19 PM
mike rende's Gravatar I haven't made it to the shop yet, but I did call to make sure Slab Madness #3 is in my hold box!
# Posted By mike rende | 4/17/09 2:52 PM
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