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Ahhh, Dionne Warwick...just gotta love the woman. Mega hits in the 70s, Solid Gold tv show with those super-hot Solid Gold Dancers (I liked the super-hot sexy brunette one the best!) and, of course, the Psychic Network success!

Anyway, she once asked in one of her mega-hit songs if anyone knew the way to San Jose. Yes, I do. I do know the way, and I will be traveling there in May to attend the SUPER-CON Comic Book Convention! May 16 & 17 to be exact, and I hope to see Dionne there. I was invited as a "Special Guest" to the show this year (Dionne was not). And let me tell you, that does wonders for the fragile ego, folks. Gettin' a little love like that. So as a Special Guest I will be on my best behavior and probably willing to give you loyal readers ridiculously good deals on my books, shirts, and original artwork. It's just my way.

So please haul your sorry arses out to San Jose for the con. Who knows, you might even see Ms. Warwick. My psychic friends say the "chances are good."

"Hey, Rich!...will you be attending any other conventions this year?"

Ha ha ha...Yes, yes of course I will. I'll also be at the grand ole COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL in San Diego this summer as I always am. I'll be located in artists alley again as I was last year. That show is July 22-26th this summer. I'll also be at WizardWorld, Chicago in artists alley and that show is August 6-9th. And then I'll be at the incomparable Minnesota Fallcon which is usually in October (dates tba). That's what I've got lined up so far. So be there true believers.

In other news...

Softball starts up for me next Wednesday so I'll be seeing if the mesh that's now sewn into my abdomen holds. Keepin' my fingers crossed on that.

Thassit for this week. Short n sweet for all my readers with Attention Deficit Disorder. See, I write for all the people!



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