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Well...not exactly. YET! But check this out!...

My good buddy over at Archie Comics, Rik Offenberger, sent me an email last night with the subject header reading..."Saw your trailer on YouTube." Naturally I was puzzled as I am unaware of any trailers on YouTube. I thought he must have come across an old interview or something with me in it. So I open his email and it says simply...

"Cool trailer, any idea what is says in English?"

Okay, now I'm really puzzled and proceed to clicking on the address.

WOW! I had no idea what the heck any of it said but it was pretty cool. But midway through I must confess I was wondering who the hell made this thing. I thought maybe some ambitious fan. No clue. Then it ended and I saw the name Gal Editora with an email address and phone number and it clicked! I'd almost completely forgotten that I signed a foreign publishing deal with a Brazilian publisher last Spring. So 2+2 come together and I realize it must be them. So I email them and let them know I really dug the trailer and ask what the status on the Brazilian version of Three Fingers is? Is it out already? To my surprise they write me back immediately and let me know that the book's going to print this week! Cool. And they'll be sending me copies out right away. Very cool.

Here is the incredibly long url for the publisher if you want to check out their site. This is the english translated version. Cuz I care...

Interestingly, i was JUST talking with Sandy about putting a trailer like this together for promotional purposes a couple months back.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and hope that some of you might even be able to actually read it. I'll get to work on the english version asap!



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