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Yep, 41 years is enough (42 for Sandy, 7 for Stella). NO MORE FRIGGIN' WISCONSIN HELL WINTERS. As of August 10th we are officially gone and on our way to our new digs in sunny Santa Cruz, California. Aptos, CA to be specific. A beautiful, beautiful place surrounded by giant redwood trees, mountains, the ocean and the Sasquatch museum in neighboring Felton! That alone is worth moving there for.

We'll also be just a hop skip and a jump away from San Francisco, Napa Valley, Yosemite National Park, Big Sur National Park and add a few more hops, skips and jumps and we're in Tahoe or LA or San Diego.

Speaking of San Diego I guess I should give a quick Comic-Con summary. It was jam-packed again, I got too drunk every night again, did a ton of sketches, walked many miles, got extremely sore feet and saw a few celebs including Wesley Snipes who was far shorter than I'd ever have guessed. And weighed about a buck sixty-five! I could kick his ass!

Sales were definitely down for myself and those around me so people were keeping the purse strings cinched and trolling for the freebees. Let's hope the economy picks up for next year's show when the new book's out--YES BB Wolf is going to be out in 2010-Top Shelf has assured us there will be no more scheduling delays...if there are keep your eyes peeled on the obituaries for certain Georgia publishers. JK, Chris, you know I love you (just watch your back).

As I write this my back demands some medicinal supplication from me and the rest of my body demands some well-deserved sleep. My feet just flat out hate my guts--nothing I can do to placate them so I've just given up and learned to deal with their hatred for me. sigh.

So I shall take an Aleve (or Oxycodone if I want those fun dreams) and retire for the evening. The next time you hear from me the message shall be streaming from California cyberspace not Wisconsin cyberspace. So it might be more mellow, laid back, serene, and definitely drunk on some good Napa Valley wine!



Mary  Letendre's Gravatar I was wondering what happened....I thought I felt California sink just a little bit more into the Pacific...but was just you guys coming out here to suck up the water, jack up the house prices and clutter up the freeways.....!
JUST KIDDING! Welcome to CA! I hope you are settled in and life is treating you well. Just remember now the water is in the west, not the east! Santa Cruz, huh? Hope you like hippies! You are right about moving while Stella is little. Dale was dragged out here at age 13 and still isn't over it.
Now you are going to have to get DirecTV and the Sunday Ticket to watch the Packers. At least your dad will ship you brats and stuff.
Take care and if you are ever in SoCal, you know our door is always open.
P.S. Please don't be one of those "SoCal Haters" from up north. =)
# Posted By Mary Letendre | 9/2/09 8:21 PM
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