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Hey all,

Been way too long since my last entry but I have a decent excuse...I think. After many years of debating, discussing and deliberating we have finally made the move from Wisconsin to California. Just couldn't face the thought of another dismal winter. 41 years is way to many for any human being. And so we are here now in lovely Aptos, Ca (right next to sunny Santa Cruz) and settling in quite nicely. The weather's fantastic! Mild, cool in the mornings and evenings with nice clear sunny skies throughout the mid-day.

Stella's adjusted quickly and loves her new school, making many new friends right away. This was our biggest concern with the move and we had MANY a sleepless night worrying about her acclimating. Should've known better. If there's one thing Stella's always been it's an outgoing kid who easily makes friends. Within minutes she had a couple nice friends and within days the playdates were lining up! A HUGE relief for me and Sandy. H-U-G-E.

Already been up, down and across the area and are constantly discovering wonderful new things the area provides.

This will also put me near several area comic conventions that'll be more easily traveled to. I'll be at the APE show in San Francisco Oct 17th-18th (whatever that weekend is) and plan on being a regular at WonderCon now as well.

We're also living near my friend and BB Wolf collaborator, J.D. Arnold. "Johnnie" owns a fantastic comic shop in Santa Cruz with his business partner Troy called COMICOPOLIS! And a fine shop it is! If you're ever in the area make sure to swing in.

Well, that's it for now. Am still exhausted from the big move and catching up on much-needed sleep so I'll cut this short. But I'll have some more updates sooner and more frequently. I also have some very exciting news that I've had to hold my tongue for over 3 years to share!

How's that for a teaser?



Spike Spicy's Gravatar Welcome to California!!!!!
# Posted By Spike Spicy | 9/4/09 6:24 AM
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