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Imagine my surprise today when a package arrived from Marvel Comics and I could immediately tell it was a bit too small to have comics inside and much too large to be an envelope with a big fat check inside (more on that later!). So I wondered what the heck it could be as I tore open the box...(BTW, the box went to our old address and then our tenant forwarded it to us here in CA--this took about 2 1/2 weeks--this little detail bears fruit in the "P.S." portion of the blog at the bottom of the page. Read on...)

Here's what I found...


present this PRISM COMMENDATION to Weapon Omega

In recognition of an outstanding contribution that demonstrates the entertainment industry's sincere efforts to accurately depict drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction or mental health in a comic book storyline or graphic novel.

April 23, 2009

Brian L. Dyak President & CEO Entertainment Industries Council, Inc.

Eric B. Broderick, D.D.S., M. P.H., Assistant Surgeon General Acting Administator, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration"

How cool is that?! I/we got a plaque/commendation for the Weapon Omega series! Completely taken off-guard, was I! Flabbergasted and flattered. Pretty darned proud.

Yep, it's going up on the wall, true believers! And it's going right to the top of the ole resume!

I gotta stop now, the tears are making the screen blurry.



P.S. Regarding the "more on that later" thing...By COMPLETE coincidence I also got a royalty check from Marvel today for the Weapon Omega Trade Paperback! How COOL is that??!! For one brief moment the stars aligned for me. And, no, before anyone gets too excited I won't be buying a Mercedes Benz anytime soon. It wasn't a Bendis royalty check.

J.D. Arnold's Gravatar Rich,
This is so cool! Congratulations! A great honor, indeed! And congrats on the royalty check. Where we going to dinner? :)
# Posted By J.D. Arnold | 9/10/09 8:34 AM
wayne beamer's Gravatar Sorry Johnny. I have first dibs on the free food. How about the Salt Lick... your treat?
# Posted By wayne beamer | 9/16/09 7:00 AM
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