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And a Happy New Year, too!

Happy New Year to all. Oh, except the losers who are inhabiting our upper floor of our duplex in Wisconsin who don't feel that they have to pay their rent on time that is--or pay it at all, really. Oh, and the guy up in Canada who stole a piece of 3 Geeks art and used it for his company logo for 6 years even though I very politely asked him not to and had to spend several thousand dollars to legally get him to cease and desist and then the courts ordered him to stop and compensate me for damages which, apparently, just like every other request, he has chosen to simply ignore. Oh, and the Canadian court system which, apparently, doesn't care if these losers show up in court or pay what they're supposed to and I'd have to spend thousands more to get the thousands he's been ordered to pay me and then spend thousands more to get recompensated for the thousands I spent to get the original thousands in the first place...

But everyone else?...HAPPY FRIGGIN' NEW YEAR!

Here's hoping that 2010 is MUCH better than 2009 which was freaking brutal for us. I am bound and determined to make 2010 as stress free as humanly possible starting with the eviction now in process for the aforementioned "losers" dug in like ticks in our duplex in WI (yep, that's gonna be another couple thousand, folks! weeee...).

2010 WILL be better, by Crom! It has to be. There's only one way up from the bottom, right?

A'ight, moving on...Spent last night at our new friends, Jon & Terry "Bean" Hastings playing Wii with Stella and having some good laughs. Wonderful people and you should seek out Jon's books when you get the chance. Jon and I will also be appearing at the next Slave Labor Graphics mini-Con held at their store/warehouse on January 16th if you're in the vicinity. Dan Vado was the founder of APE (Alternative Press Expo) which began in San Jose in the late 90s and is now a major event in comicdom. He's starting up this new con and I'm pretty optimistic it's going to grow into something special.

In other news...

Now that BB Wolf & The Three L.P.s has been officially slated for May 2010 along with the long-awaited second printing of Three Fingers I can move forward with my next BIG project! Unfortunately, at the time of my writing this blog, I'm not exactly sure what exactly that project is. Here's the rub...I've got 3 or 4 extremely solid, extremely fleshed out ideas that I've been itchin' to dive into and there's just one of me. So I've got to decide which one I like best. Again, unfortunately, I like 'em all equally. I guess I'll have to lay them all out in front of me and see what mood I'm in that moment and just go! And one of the ideas is pretty massive (as in ongoing series) so that one I might shelve until I can find another artist for the art duties and I just write the darn thing.

But I digress...

Needless to say, you'll be seeing some exciting new things this summer on the con circuit. If all goes according to plan I'll have three new books hitting this summer alongside a possible portfolio and some nice prints.

Y'know, maybe I've got a solid fifth idea I'll have to take a hard look at...maybe call it "My Year In Hell, 2009!" I did mention the loser up in Canada, right? Loser tenants, 5 weeks of pneumonia, a hernia surgery thrown in... Could be cathartic to write.




Matt's Gravatar How about having the utilities disabled to (water/elec - not the gas though, got to have heat so the pipes don't freeze) on the upper level of your duplex?
Slumlords can do that, right?

As for the art that was used in Canada, well - is it a piece that I bought from you? If so, let me take up the fight : ) If not - hey that's a great reason to let me buy all your art in the future!! You know I would if I could, but 2009 wasn't the best year for me either.
Still, I survive - and that can't be said for a lot of folks who are trying to eke out a living these days.

However I was unfaithful to you Rich.
Sorry, but I have to admit it now and get it off my conscience. Another independent artist has come to my attention and I'm pretty well smitten.

Jamin Winans (www.doubleedgefilms) made a film called 'Ink' that I saw at a tiny theatre here in Colorado Springs back in September. It's out on DVD now and I'd REALLY love to send you a copy.
It seems so much like the sort of thing you might make if you were a film making geek instead of a comic making genius.

If you're a Granny Smith apple, then I think he's a Gala.
Both apples - but different particular ways.
(Check out the

Anyhow - this overall gist of this is: Keep your grin, Keep the faith and Keep on belivin. (sheesh, I sound like a cheesy 80's rock ballad)

Happy New Year to you and the family!
# Posted By Matt | 1/2/10 10:06 PM
wayne t. beamer's Gravatar Central Texas. The Salt Lick. Great weather, except for last week's cold snap. Cheaper than northern Cali.
# Posted By wayne t. beamer | 1/15/10 10:13 AM
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