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Howdy all!

Well, with the new graphic novel coming out in May (BB Wolf) and the reprinting of THREE FINGERS piggybacking the new release, it's time for me to shore up my travel/con plans for 2010. And, apparently, the big cons out there have been doing a little "schedule shuffling" and it's causing other shows to shuffle as well so they're not all bunched up on the same month, or in some cases same weekend (as you'll note momentarily! Stay with me...).

Here's a list of shows that I (so far) plan on attending thus far...

WonderCon, San Francisco April 2-4

Comic-Con International, San Diego July 22-25

WizardWorld, Chicago August 19-22

SPX, Bethesda, MD September 26-27

APE, San Francisco October 16-17 (Heck! I'm even a "Special Guest" at this one!)

And lastly Minneapolis' fantastic Fallcon! Which you'll now note has been changed to "SpringCon!" as I alluded to in my opening paragraph. Below is the official press release from the boys at Fallcon and I will gladly post it here to help spread the word as these guys are some of the finest folks you'll ever meet in comics or anywhere else for that matter!!!

Spread the word!...



Dear Friends,

We got really good news last week! As most of you know, a lot of the national comic book conventions have changed their event dates for 2010. It started when one of the largest conventions in the country suddenly moved their date to the late fall and quickly, in response, a good chunk of the other conventions followed suit in changing dates. As a result, the MCBA was put into the position of having to move our dates so we wouldn’t have to compete for guest creators. Easier said than done!

Fortunately for all of us, our preferred venue, the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, came through with flying colors! They were able to make space for us in the new world comic book convention date order with a slight and very interesting twist!

The Midwest Comic Book Association is pleased to announce our 2010 event dates:


Minnesota State Fairgrounds In the Grandstand 1265 Snelling Avenue North Saint Paul, Minnesota 55108 Something For Everyone & Everyone Welcome!


MCBA FALLCON – COMIC BOOK PARTY! October 16, 2010 – 10AM to 5PM

Minnesota State Fairgrounds Progress Center 1621 Randall Ave Saint Paul, Minnesota 55108 Something For Everyone & Everyone Welcome!


So, in other words, the two day convention will now be held in the spring (SpringCon) and FallCon will be the new one day convention in the Fall!

We’re really excited about the opportunities and challenges that our new journey presents to all of us and invite you and all members of our community to join us as we set sail into the great and exciting unknown!

Finally, a request. We need your help to get the word out to our community about our new dates and times. We humbly request that you provide any assistance you might be able to offer via your e-mails, secret messages, magic, websites, tweeting, blogs, internet, snail mails, telegraph, word of mouth, Pony Express, etc. Any effort you can extend, would be noticed and gracefully accepted!

We appreciate your being a part of our community and THANK YOU for letting us be part of yours! Look for more info and databits in the near future!

The MCBA Geek Squad (The Original Geek Squad)

Matt's Gravatar Hey Rich!
Hope to see you at WonderCon and Comic-Con.

I won't be at the others, but why aren't you going to the new Chicago show instead of continuing to patronize the craptastic Wizardworld?

There is also the 'Star Wars' fan celebration in Florida - even if you don't get a table or booth I might be able to get you a pass into the show if you want to go. But I bet you would make a killing on sketches if you do go.
: ) I bet you can draw just about anyone in a gold bikini, 6x an hour for $40 each.
# Posted By Matt | 1/24/10 1:30 PM
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