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HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA....Oooohhh....let me catch my breath!...

Okay, that's better. Whoo!...So, as Brittany Spears would say, "Oops, Favre did it again!" And I only mention her because I hold them both in equal esteem. The best part is that for the past 2 years my big argument against Favre's "irreplaceability," that some Packer fans always argued (my older brother included, ad nauseam), was his always, ALWAYS "Favreing" up the game in the last seconds...always making that patented Favre interception when the team needed him most and when the team was poised, POISED to win the game! What the Favre, Favre??? And right before that last interception, when the Vikings were poised to win the game, I muttered softly--not really actually believing it possible--that "if Favre were still a Packer he'd throw an interception right now." AND THEN HE DOES!!!

What the!???...HOW THE!???...HOW--HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE THAT HE CONTINUES TO DO THIS!!!??? I mean, really, you'd think the law of averages would demand that in one of these playoffs he wouldn't Favre it up like this, wouldn't you?

Unbelievable. Well, not really. But REALLY!

So yeah, I'm happy that Favre and the Vikings fell flat again. I loved Favre as a Packer even though his "reckless gunslinger" act grew very, very old (see above "Favre ups" mentioned). And we all know of his tiresome off-season acts, and that's when I became a "Favre despiser." Hey, I love a good waffle (especially with strawberries, whipped cream and warm maple syrup), but I hater a waffler.

And I hate the Vikings. And their fans. So seeing them flop after, seemingly, another brilliant run towards the Superbowl was extremely gratifying. I shudder at the thought of having had to hear them incessantly brag for the next year (or 50) about having the "perennial Packer" finally bring them to the promised land--like they all did all regular season, my older brother Paul included. Ahhh...I can already hear the beautiful silence emanating from that side of the Mighty Mississippi and it's just delightful.

Yep, you got him Vikings landed the "perrenial Packer"...the "first ballot Hall-of Famer"..the record-breaking, touchdown throwing, longest consecutive games played streak, most touchdowns, most retirements and coming out of retirements, most interceptions and the biggest Favreing choker to ever play the game!

And so, in a very petty way, I will end this blog as it began by saying, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! sweet.



Matt's Gravatar The Jets lost as well.
And I wouldn't know or care except that a lazy writer has been talking about them on his blog.

Sorry GRRM - maybe if you would finish the damn book then your team would win a few.

Rich, if you ever get lazy and promise a book for 6 years I'm going to have to unleash Mjolnir.

Nuff said. : )
# Posted By Matt | 1/27/10 1:11 PM
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