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New York, New YORK!....

Heading out to the NY Comic-Con this weekend folks! Starts Friday, October 9th thru the 11th and is being held at the Jacob Javitz Center. Come one come all! I'll be there and have my very own booth so stop by the "3 Finger Prints" booth...I believe we're number 549. I'll also be signing at the Top Shelf booth and the Archie booth for a bit each day. Manning the booth with me this year will be Russ Colchamiro debuting his novel, Finders Keepers, which I published and did the artwork on the splendid wrap-around cover. Suh-weet! So if you want to see a grown man cry come by and buy his book.

AND! AND!.... I just made the book available on this here website for purchase! Check it out under the "books" category. As we're in the process of arranging wider book distribution Finders Keepers will, for the time being, only be available through this here scoop them up fast! The darn thing's gonna be made into a film someday soon and won't you be tickled pink having one of the First Printings in your very own little hands?!!! I believe I WILL!

A'ight! Thassit for now...see you this weekend.



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