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Every once in awhile I'll peruse the local record stores or go onto iTunes to see if some old favorite group or singer has a new album out. Well, a few days back I was going through my collection of cds and came across one of our favorites by The Call...Red Moon. So as I listened it occurred to me that I hadn't looked in some time to see if they had anything new. Much to my surprise and shock I learned that founding member, lead singer Michael Been suddenly died of heart failure while touring with his son's band in Europe. As of the last time I looked the details weren't all in yet but the sadness was pretty devastating. We've been huge fans of The Call and Michael Been here at casa Koslowski since the late 80s! We have every album and they always rank among our all-time favorites. Their music has always been a magnificent blend of beauty, power and uniqueness that set them apart from most other bands. Michael's voice was distinct, smooth and powerful. Their lyrics smart, thought-provoking and often uplifting.

Michael was only 60 when he passed--far too young for such a talented person. We'll certainly miss him here. If you haven't yet discovered their wonderful music I highly recommend doing so. "Red Moon" and "Let The Day Begin" are great places to start and Michael's solo effort "On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown."

Yes we will miss him but we also honor his memory and celebrate what he's left behind.

Johnnie Arnold's Gravatar Congrats, Stella!
# Posted By Johnnie Arnold | 12/2/10 9:20 PM
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