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Well, hello again dear friends! I hope this blog is finding you all well.

To start I have to "pimp" the unbelievable Sacramento Train Museum! We went up to Sacramento last weekend for a small comic convention (Sac-Con) so we thought we'd tour our new state capitol and check out some highlights. Well, the Train museum and Old Town were two things that were recommended by friends so, what the heck, we went. We're not "big train enthusiasts" here by any means so we went in with a mildly curious attitude.

Best freaking museum I (we've) ever seen! Well run, clean, aesthetically pleasing in every way, friendly, affordable...AND THE TRAINS! I expected to see a couple antique engines and then be bombarded by a gift shop. NO! This place was HUGE! And it housed some of the most amazingly beautiful trains you could ever imagine. It was awesome, inspiring and I can't recommend it highly enough. I can only imagine what a true train enthusiast must feel in this place because I was beside myself.

Old Town was very cool too. It's flooded with new shops now, and a lot of them really don't "fit" the feel, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Just seeing the old architecture is always cool.

Then we went ice skating downtown. Nice to skate in 50 degree weather as opposed to 10 degrees I say! We also luckily happened upon the Sacramento Christmas parade earlier in the day. So all-in-all a nice visit to our capitol (my meeting with the governor was postponed so that was a bummer but, oh well, Arnie will have more time to visit soon)!

Many of you were kind enough to congratulate Stella on her Accomplishments in the contests mentioned in earlier blogs. Thank you from both her and me. The Bookshop Santa Cruz now has the Young Writers Contest books available through their website as well as their retail location. Here's the website info...

We were very impressed with the overall quality and attention to detail that was put into this book! From it's gorgeous front cover design to the format and binding!...for a debut publication it's really quite astounding. And that doesn't even cover the wonderful stories held within.

So go check it out if you get a chance. Support these young authors and the store for hosting such an important event.

In other news...

My website sale's still on so if you do need any items for a loved one (including yourself) order now to receive by Christmas--or after if you'd like.

In other news...

Looks like Brett Favre's career may finally be over. The streak is anyway. And, at first I laughed and was happy, but after it actually ended I had mixed feelings. Sure, the whole "retirement drama queen act" got really really old three years ago and he's a wishy-washy hypocrite and degenerate cheating creepy sexter, but what he accomplished on the field in his career was amazing. I won't argue that. Is he the best QB who ever donned a uniform? No. Top five? No. But probably top ten. Regular season he was fantastic. The post-season, however?...Not so much. His tendency to throw those awful last second, game ending interceptions will probably be what people remember most (or second most after the streak) and they have every right to. In the most critical moments of most of the big games Favre screwed up time and again. I guess it's only fitting (and rather sad) that his last pass ever, the one that ended the streak and possibly his career, may very well be an interception as well!

But it's Favre! So we may be visiting the drama again this Spring, won't we?

A'ight, enough for now. Gotta ink me up some Archie pages so I can pay the rent and feed the family!



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