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Get it?... "After Christmas Math"? Like Aftermath!... Like Christmas was, y'know, all hellish and a pain-in-the-ass and everything... Ha! Damn, I show my cleverness once again with this witty and insightfully poignant play on words! THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is WHY I am an award-winning writer!


Okay, well, that being said I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. And if you don't celebrate or recognize the holiday, well, whatever. I'm sure you still took advantage of the days off of work or school and didn't gripe about it, eh? Or swooped in and saved a few bucks on the after holiday sales, perhaps? Hmm?....

Sure you did.

Anyway, our holiday was rather enjoyable going back to the frozen tundra (or as I unaffectionately refer to it, "Hell") and seeing family and a few friends. Stella, of course, reaped the biggest harvest being the only grandchild on Sandy's side of the family and just plain old being the most awesome on mine!

So, again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance!... and don't drink and drive!

To all of you who took advantage of my Holiday Sale on the website a very big Thank You! I'll get around to adjusting the prices back soon but right now I'm just too tired and lazy so if you missed out, guess what? haven't missed out yet! Order away while the sale lasts.

In other BIG NEWS!!!!... My boy, Russ Colchamiro of Finders Keepers fame has landed "the BIG ONE" and got himself and his debut book reviewed by Publishers Weekly! And anyone in this business can testify that that ain't no easy feat! So, without further ado I shall post the review right here right now for your reading pleasure!

Web Exclusive Finders Keepers Russ Colchamiro, illus. by Rich Koslowski, 3 Finger Press (, $13.99 trade paper (301p) ISBN 978-09794801-4-0 As the Milky Way Galaxy is being created in Eternity's laboratories, a jar of CBM (cosmic building material) goes missing on Earth (thanks to the on-the-clock "getting' it on" of two employees). Hapless New Zealander Theo Barnes discovers the jar but has no idea what it contains; when the sea creatures start talking, however, even he realizes that it holds great significance. Eager to learn more, he goes on a backpacking trip through Europe, where he meets Jason Medley, an aimless American on a quest of self-discovery. The two meander across the continent, while all around them people search desperately for the CBM, intent on salvaging the scheduled unveiling of the Milky Way. What Colchamiro's unique and funny novel lacks in coherence, it makes up for in style and panache. The author has created the quintessential bumbling duo in Barnes and Medley, two clueless dudes drifting through a rather dense narrative, and most of the large supporting cast from Eternity (from ex-lovers Emma and Lex to the husband-and-wife team of Donald and Danielle, who lost the jar in the first place) are funny and well-drawn. This is a strong debut from a very imaginative writer. (Nov.)

Congrats to Russ! I know just how hard he's worked on his book (available on this here site! And STILL on sale I might add) and how hard he's worked on promoting it. This is a very well-deserved recognition of that work and I am proud to have been a part of the project. Dang it...I said I wasn't going to cry!...sniff...

Okay, thassit for this week's installment of witty banter, observations and social commentary!



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